#GENDERFLUX Announces Campaign to Produce Genderless Fashion

The fashion visionaries at #GENDERFLUX are at it again.

For those who are not yet familiar, #GENDERFLUX is a queer owned and operated brand that is presently in the midst of a meteoric rise. Their vision lies in stripping away gender stereotypes that haunt the fashion industry, that they might lend their arms in the struggle to beat back the socially constructed nightmare of binary gender.

On April 1, #GENDERFLUX drew back the queerest of curtains and unveiled their plans to finalize the development of what they describe as a truly “revolutionary non-binary clothing collection.”

The collection consists of fifteen pieces, each brimming with all the genderless chic that your little non-binary heart could ever dream of. Stylistic accreditation belongs with the design team at #GENDERFLUX, headed up by Michael Robinson.

Renowned fashion blogger Elliott Alexzander and his creative team (consisting of Robinson, Barry Brandon, Ashley Borders, and Ray Rosa) now stand poised to launch the line.

“#GENDERFLUX seeks to bring awareness to the gender nonconforming communities through education and fashion,” said Alexzander, creator of #GENDERFLUX. “We are about expressing to the world that being non-binary is not just about identifying as gender fluid or gender variant, but it’s about acknowledging that gender is a social construct that our society is suffering from. We have designed a collection that we hope will transcend the traditional standards of the average department store.”

It has been announced that funds for the collection will be raised via IndieGoGo, an international crowdfunding website. Their goal is to raise $350,000 by May 15, 2016, in order to produce the first batch of the new fashion line. You can donate and check the progress of the campaign here.

In our discussion, Michael Robinson, lead designer of #GENDERFLUX, gave a bit of insight into the nature of the upcoming collection.


What can we expect to see in the fifteen pieces that grace your new collection?

The first collection of #GENDERFLUX is essentially our introduction as a fashion brand. We have chosen to stick with clean designs that will flatter most every body type but also maintain a stylistic edge that will make it a staple within anyone’s closet.

By “wider variety of fashion,” we really mean an expanded way of thinking about how pieces of clothing are and can be categorized.


How would you describe the pieces in terms of their shape and expression?

The first collection can easily be described as effortless, clean, and essential. True wardrobe staples.


Will you be expanding your line beyond your traditional offerings of t-shirts, hoodies, and the like?

Absolutely. With the first collection we have stepped way beyond what you may expect from #GENDERFLUX as it’s known now. Think of this collection as a reintroduction.


Given the artistry behind the new pieces, can you describe how this is emblematic of your vision?

Things really came together when we shot the prototypes. We were only able to produce one size in each piece, but they somehow managed to work quite well on each of our models. One size! And that was only the prototypes. So to answer your question I think that experience was really what was emblematic of the vision. The fashion just happened to be the medium.


Do these pieces forecast the future of genderflux? At this stage in the process, have you begun to conceptualize what comes next?

From where #GENDERFLUX started to where it is now is awesome for us to look back on, even though the brand is only two years old. We are so grateful for all of the support we have received and truly hope that the support continues to come to us. We have definitely begun thinking about what’s next, but for the moment our hands are pretty full with the crowdfunding campaign and production. To keep up to date, head to IndieGoGo.com/projects/genderflux for updates on the campaign and reveals on the collection. Thanks so much for the support! We truly appreciate it.


Juliet Awry Irises is a faraway gendered trans grrl whose fingers flick almost continuously through her hair. When she is not writing poetry or painting, she busies herself with splitting the veins of the holy western masculine wide the fuck open, amen.