B.A.E.S. Promises a Night of Drag, Dance, and Comedy at 7 Stages

Lauded performance artist, dancer, and teacher Corian Ellisor returns to 7 Stages on May 26th with “BAES,” a “new dance theatre performance that includes dance, drag, music, acting, and comedy.” The performance, choreographed and directed by Corian Ellisor, focuses on beauty pageant contestants vying for the title of Ms. BAES and the rivalries, hilarity, and absurdity that ensue.

“I am really proud of this show,” Ellisor says. “In making this dance, it was important to me to have everything ‘feel’ right rather than ‘look’ right, and I hope people take a little piece of the show away with them when they leave the space.” The performance features dancers Lauren Banks, Sharon Carelock, Corian Ellisor, and Kamali Hill in collaboration with artists Aubrey Longley-Cook, Santiago Paramo, and Danyale Taylor.

We are taking a look at antiquated standards that are still in place that control many facets of our everyday lives. How we look, how we dress, how we walk down the street all shape societies impression of whether we are productive members of the human race ... We think that being our authentic selves will bring attention and not in a positive way.

Corian Ellisor and his dancers began performing as Ellisorous Rex and the Dance Machine in September 2012. The company’s mission is to bring thoughtful, provocative, and accessible art to the forefront. The Dance Machine uses a multidisciplinary approach, giving audiences various entry points. Interested in shining a light on issues prevalent to the human condition, the Dance Machine strives to demystify art through relatable, compelling work.

You may also recognize Ellisor as the mother of the Village Queens, East Atlanta's collective of alternative drag and performance artists. Ellisorous Rex hosts shows regularly at Mary's and also helped birth the drag art collective, Legendary Children Atlanta.

"BAES" will run from Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, May 29th at 8pm.
Advance tickets are available for purchase here!