Ladyfest Atlanta Presents the SWEAT-A-THON Fundraiser!

WUSSY Mag is proud to announce that this Friday, May 6, we’ll be participating in a fundraiser for Ladyfest Atlanta. For a few glorious hours, expect dancin’, sweatin’, and shakin’ to an absurd extent!

Richard Simmons-themed, the SWEAT-A-THON will dance with his passion for hip-thrusting and flamboyant leg-kicking. Whether you rock the attire he brought to prominence or merely exude his excessive thirst for all things moving, we got you.

Did we mention it’s free to attend?

$10 buys you admission into the contest, where WUSSY’s panel of judges will grade participants on several factors, not least of which is the intensity and visibility of their sweaty bodies. We can’t share too much about the advanced algorithm we’re applying to this rigorous judging process, but we can reveal that “wetness” has its own grading category.

The last glistening, writhing moonchild raging against the dying of the light will earn a super prize pack, which includes *gasp* a membership card for the Mammal Gallery! That would sure be a sweet prize to pair with your salty, dripping pride!

WUSSY will be sharing some severe swag as well!

There will be four rounds of judging, each with their own unique challenges (you know, to keep it moving; WUSSY is well aware that if a SWEAT-A-THON were judged solely based on length of dancing, it would NEVER end).

All proceeds go to the radical and essential Ladyfest Atlanta.

Come out to the Mammal Gallery this Friday, May 6, and spread some love in the Atlanta community while shedding some water weight and testing your ultimate dancing mettle!

Christopher Kaluzienski is assistant editor at Wussy in Atlanta, Georgia. He is very wet, possibly glistening, and extremely sweaty.