#WeGoneBeAlright: How to lend your support to Black Lives Matter



The shooting of countless un-armed and legally armed Black men in America has led to a social awakening that—unlike a number of years ago—has garnered widespread multicultural support. While reactionary hashtag campaigns such as the ruthlessly out-of-touch #AllLivesMatter seek to dilute the movement of its power, we here at Wussy want to make sure you’re on the side that lies adjacent to our values.

Black Lives Matter is at heart a deeply intersectional movement that values and prioritizes trans women of color and other marginalized groups that lack the societal positions to speak for themselves and be heard. It is because of this intersectionality, that Queers take efforts to involve themselves in the fight to keep Black Lives Matter loud, effective, and present. We have assembled a cheat sheet detailing the variety of ways you can assist those in the streets, stomping the pavement in the name of change.

We know that everyone isn’t a warrior, and that some people may not feel entirely safe getting involved. This is understandable and a cornerstone of Black activism—that you always practice self-care, even when fighting the good fight. Still, there are things you can do in lieu of actively protesting such as donating to defense and arrest funds.

Georgia Civil Disobedience Fund

Head here to donate and put your cash towards the legal defenses of detained activists. The protests have not been violent, in tone or action, and this fund is managed by a committee of sympathetic legal professionals. The fund is not a new project, but it is the best way to provide financial aid to the tireless foot soldiers keeping the fight alive.

Black Lives Matter Atlanta (Facebook)

Given the typical police response to BLM protests, almost no one has the skinny on when a scheduled march will go up. What we do know is that the events are currently active. The best way to keep up with the marches, sit-ins, and human chains is to follow the BLM Atlanta Facebook page and to spread the word by sharing posts.

Join Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero will provide resources that connect you with local representation, as well up-to-date information detailing current legislation on policing. The site is meant to keep you informed and active, and can save you the trouble of educating people who may question your commitment to the fight for Black lives.

Donate to victims’ families

To donate to the families of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and the five downed officers from the Dallas protest  follow the links here, here, and here. As an organization, Black Lives Matter condemned the violence in Dallas and to keep the message clean and preserve the humanity of BLM, we suggest that activists pool resources to assist the families of those affected. Still, that’s your call to make.


Stay involved, stay informed, and most of all stay safe!