Ass Blast to the Past with "Queer History Live" at 368 PONCE

The Hotlanta Comedy Fest kicks off this weekend, promising three nights of newcomers and ATL comedy vets taking the stage at 368 PONCE. The lineup includes a sacrilegious night of fun called HOLY SH!T,  a 90's SHOW, and the set we're obviously most excited about: QUEER HISTORY LIVE

Comedians/amateur historians will delve deep into the annals of queer herstory, touching on topics such as: trans men and trans women in history, queers of the harlem renaissance, and more. We had the chance to chat with organizer Ian Aber earlier this week and ask him what we can expect on Saturday night. 

"Sets will be a mix of Standup Comedy followed by a lesson taught by the comedian, based on a subject they were assigned by me," he said. "The intention is for the artists and audiences to engage and learn more about Queer History and its application to the modern Queer experience." 

Aber is a regular in the Atlanta comedy scene, and was recently featured in the Queer Moxie documentary. 

The lineup also includes Sam Gordon, Jenn Snyder, Powell Mansfield, Julie Osborne, Andrew Markle, and WUSSY writer, Julian Modugno. The event kicks off at 9pm on Saturday night at 368 Ponce! 

We are confident this is going to be one hell of a history lesson!
For more info, check out the Facebook event page HERE