25 Times Y'all Slayed Powder Room at The Heretic


With the next edition of Powder Room right around the corner (see: tonight), we here at WUSSY think it's important to highlight the queerdos who make this party so femme-y fantastic. 

Powder Room emerged as a fully functioning function from conversations with our Features Editor, Zaida J. She had strong ideas about Atlanta's lack of femme spaces and celebrating the unabashedly beautiful with burlesque, drag, music, and more. 

One of the funnest parts of the event is getting dressed up and showing your ass at the photo booth, run by the handsomely talented Aubrey Longley-Cook. Below we highlight some of our favorites photos, lewks, and personalities who have come through Powder Room so far!

All photography by Aubrey Longley-Cook

See y'all tonight at Powder Room: Pussy on Fire featuring Mister Wallace, Hydrangea Heath, Melissa Coffey, Pity Soiree, and Nicolette Ultra with Ree de la Vega and DJ College Lesbian!