This is Influenza Mueller, Signing Off

Me and Sissy Spacek at The Satellite Show’s Artist-Run in Miami, 2015

Me and Sissy Spacek at The Satellite Show’s Artist-Run in Miami, 2015

You’ve made it! The final broadcast. The Wussy team has finally finished making a battering ram out of all the rejected submissions, and it appears our time here is short. Remember to check out Toyota Mitsubishi’s designs on T.M. Bishi Co. and see her, Anita, Monster, and myself at Just Toby’s Glitterball at Heretic on Saturday and again at Brigitte Bidet’s Tossed Salad on Sunday.

At its core, The House of Gunt was started as an outlet for catharsis, for fun. We never expected to take it out of house parties, but we knew that if we were going to go public we either had to be really smart about it or really, really stupid and we chose both. But, in seriousness, if you’re a queer person, and you’re not involved in an aspect of queer culture or political activism, you’re fucking it up for the rest of us. We need queer culture for representation and we need political activism for revolution. We can’t be engaged only when tragedy strikes or whenever it’s a general election cycle.

For Savannah: Don’t count down the days until you can move to a different city. Engage.

I had a lot of fun telling you about my sisters and pretending to be RuPaul, but the weekends are meant to be for partying and cartoons. So while you enjoy C Powers’ Mix for Wussy Mag here, enjoy these scintillating and provocative videos by The House of Gunt.


G.U.N.T. T.V.

G.U.N.T. T.V. is a collection of random videos and tidbits collected over time. It is all original material either produced or appropriated by the House of Gunt. Highlights include a snapchat story by LaZanya, Monster and Me deciding we need to leave our apartment in Minnesota for something bigger, a hot Gunt phone sex ad featuring Mona Monet and Budonna Christ, Dax! Looking fierce as fuck, Dionne Warlocque’s dumped TV pilot, and LaZanya drinking a mimosa.

Beam Me Up

Just because we are in the business of body does not give you the right to touch us. Oh, wait, is that a twenty? Sure, I’ll eat it like a fucking bird for you. Some of us may be dolls and some of us may be action figures, but we’re still in the box until further notice.

Below is a music video made by Monster Cunt and starring Savannah’s Real Sweetheart (sorry Rachel), Motion Adrian. In a nutshell, this is what it means to be queer and femme in a city like Savannah. 

If you ever find yourself in the swamps of Savannah and wanna kill time rationalizing and justifying which space is going to be the safest to spend a Saturday night in, where you’re going to be able to meet cute trade (may I suggest Kroger?), look us up when you’re in the Hostess City and we’ll commiserate together. 

Influenza Mueller is co-founder and one mother of the House of Gunt (yes, HoG has two mommies). She is a little slice of Americana with extra cheese.

This concludes the House of Gunt take over of WUSSY MAG!
See you at
Just Toby’s Glitterball: Down and Dirty at Heretic on Saturday, August 13th!.