WussyTV Premiere: Queers of ATL On Being Queer in the South

One of the major goals of our WussyTV channel is to offer up a wide, fresh variety of perspectives on issues that are effecting young LGBTQ+ people. Today, the Queers of ATL are back to discuss what it means to be queer in the south and more specifically - Atlanta. Check out the first installment HERE and the latest installment below. 

Again, we want to express that the opinions in this interview do not represent the opinions of all queers in Atlanta or beyond. As the series expands, we hope to talk to more people and highlight their own unique stories. 

Thank you to the following babes for taking part in this video: Austin Frantz, Christopher Kaluzienski, Fannie Mae Beezy, HRO, Jared Dawson, Julian Modugno, Kenneth Figueroa Laura Pearce, Lear, Maggie Towe, Nick Wiggins, Stevie King, Taylor Alxndr, and Zaida J. 

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