Top 10 Reasons to Follow Lavender Mist on Instagram Written by Lavender Mist

If You Don't Already...

1.  Sometimes I look like Raja. 

2. I'm killing the competition in @ExtremeDragRace with my high fashion editorial looks, thanks to my personal photographer, Chase Anthony Davis (@idratherbeinbed)

3. I FaceTune old photos to keep it fresh.

4. I've been featured on @Qwerrrkout, for what it's worth.

5. I'm an #endorsed #assbitch, some of which include @greenpointgirls, @filthmonger_caps, @manhattancouturehair, @kmmandco, @houseofstrut. 

6. I follow back.

7. I'm trying to reach 10K followers by December. 

8. Sometimes I post fun transformations, like when I turned @Kiatropolis into Luna from Sailor Moon.  

9. I do Shout-Outs to people I like, such as @Lazanyaaaaa.

10. Because I just wrote this whole post asking you to, tbh. 

Lavender Mist is a drag queen from the House of Gunt.  You can find her on Instagram at, on Facebook at, or at the Pharmacy.  You can also buy her new tshirts, available at House of Strut.
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