WussyTV: La Choloteca Bringing Latinx Night to Star Bar

PHOTO: Jon Dean

PHOTO: Jon Dean

Atlanta's nightlife scene is constantly booming with new party concepts, driven by young creatives looking to carve out their own space in this ever changing city. Every now and then, a party comes along that is worth the hype. A party with a purpose. That's where La Choloteca: Ley de Latinx comes in. 

La Choloteca is an exciting new collaboration between familiar ATLiens: Josephine Figueroa (Creator of Somos Sur Art Collective), Kenneth Figueroa (Stylist at Melrose & McQueen), Monica Campana (Executive Director Living Walls), and Randall Ruiz (Atlanta DJ).

Partly inspired by similar Latinx parties in New York, La Choloteca began as a house party. The organizers wanted to create a space where people could dance to a wide variety of music - from classic salsa to Shakira to Selena. 

"We're going to be able to be heard and be visible and have our identities MATTER." - Josephine Figueroa

"It ended up being a huge success," said Kenneth. "It brought a lot of people out that I normally would have never had the chance to talk to." 

They quickly decided that they wanted this to become a regular, monthly event. After connecting with their friend Luis Sandoval, they nabbed a sponsorship with PBR and nailed down Star Bar as the location. The team hopes to expand and collaborate with fellow Latinx artists, party producers, and DJ's. 

"I've seen the growth of Atlanta and the Latinx community and I feel like La Choloteca is just a celebration of all those things coming together," said Randall Ruiz. 

La Choloteca happens this Thursday, September 15th at Star Bar in Little Five Points. The event is free and begins at 10pm! For more information, check out our interview with the organizers above and follow this link