Black Friday: Solange and Luke Cage Drop Some Friday Healing

Count your blessings children. The air has chilled into a fall embrace, the holiday season is upon us, and you have the gift of waking up this morning— and what a morning to wake up!

Today is making its way to be the only “Black Friday” I've ever wished to fully partake in. Luke Cage, one of Marvel’s well established and iconic characters, and Solange Knowles, our sweet soulful muse of mercy, are here to hit just the right nodes to heal this weary writer.

Luke Cage is the hero black POC’s shouldn't have to need, but his arrival in the live action MCU could not be more apt in today's immediate climate. Being the bulletproof Everyman thrust into his role in the fight to protect hearth and home, this strong meek hero only gets involved because this is a fight worth fighting. He'd much rather not be involved, but when the threat on your people becomes unavoidable you have to face yourself and rise to the responsibility of your abilities. Did I mention he’s super strong and bulletproof?

Now let's look at Solange Knowles. We've been hurting for a new album since 2012 from the bop queen and well...she gave it to us! A full 20 track experience with soulful cascading melodies, that good ole r&b that’s seldom promoted these days, and features from so many black icons that I need a family reunion/bbq right now just to pay tribute to my ancestors. Add in the interludes, which speak out in a warm  way that touches on race, self worth, culture, and agency from black perspectives for black people. Let the healing begin.

Yes, I'd say it's a fine Black Friday. A fine Black Friday indeed.

Luke Cage is now available for streaming via Netflix. You can find Solange’s album for download on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

Matt Jones is your average carefree black boi, community worker, and sensei. As an Atlanta based artist he dreams to foster community and advocate real change for issues involving but not limited to mental health, queer life, and POC disparity.