Cinema Novo Pairs Sound and Visuals to Send a Message

You don’t know anyone who works harder than the Cinema Novo kids.

This Atlanta-based collective combines songwriting, visual art, and laboriously crafted long-game concepts to form a vehicle for stories that they feel often go unheard. Visual and musical conceptual pieces has seen a rise in the era of the visual album, but Cinema Novo is likely the first collective to ever do it here in the South, here in Atlanta.

WUSSY was lucky enough to have an exclusive look at Cinema Novo’s latest foray into storytelling, which centers same-sex domestic violence. We spoke with vocalist Haseena Peera regarding the mission of Cinema Novo, and she emphasized a desire to see representation for stories that aren’t often explored:

“Bringing my real experiences dealing with and surviving what is an alarmingly common epidemic, I reprised my role as someone on the receiving end of this violence. Our group continues to work completely independently, self-producing and releasing our music and collaborating with local and like-minded artists and filmmakers.”

Keep an eye for Cinema Novo's next performance date announcement. We'll be there!

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