DRIP Brings a Night of Burlesque to EAV!

In the artform of burlesque, we have an opportunity to be as brave, bold, and as vulnerable as we can. Going back to the late 1800’s, many women began to create performances where parody, satire, and scandal were the driving forces for the success of early burlesque. Hitting a peak in the 1920’s and 30’s, burlesque was reaching an expansive audience in America.

Vaudeville and Black Vaudeville were tearing up the stages of the underground. Women told their stories, sometimes taking off pieces of clothing while doing so. Since it’s creation, burlesque has not dissipated. It will never die. We will always be looking for ways to communicate our experiences as women existing and living in this universe. We have so much to say, and we hope you are willing and excited to listen, and if something resonates with you, maybe you’ll join us.

There is no denying that we are in a current state of distress. Our individuality is being ostracized and our community is looking for solace. Art exists as a response to life, no matter its present condition.

Rotten Peaches and Royal Tease Productions invite you to join them Wednesday, February 15th as we turn to Mary’s in East Atlanta Village into a speakeasy for an evening of burlesque, booze, and bouncing beauties! Gracing the stage with their talents, Peaches N. Cream, Adriana Luce, Edie Bellini, and House of Gunt’s Kia Sedona are ready to ignite a fire in your soul, as we celebrate the era that once ignited a revolution. Your hostess, Royal Tee will be the master of ceremonies for the evening, with an inclusive, intersectional, feminist as fuck toast to the burlesque revolucion!


$15 suggested donations will be taken at the door. Money raised will be given to Planned Parenthood! If you can’t make the party and would like to donate, click here.