Morehouse College Conjures Black Queer Magic for Annual Pride Week

Now is the time for magic.

ALLURE: Conjuring Black Queer Magic is this year’s theme for Morehouse Safe Space’s annual Pride Week. Morehouse Safe Space is a gender and sexually diverse collective at Morehouse College dedicated to developing inclusive and intersectional safe spaces for students on campus. “This year, we are looking forward to creating and seeking Queer magical sites as portals of possibility, inspiration and manifestation.”

Starting March 26th, every day of the week contains its own element culminating in a week of black queer community and empowerment:

One of the most anticipated events is The Power Concert. On March 29, 7:30-11pm, some of the dopest LGBT artists come together in Atlanta not only for a mind-blowing party, but for a good cause. Tickets can be purchased HERE

“The Power Concert serves to help raise awareness about the importance of tangible resources for LGBT students... We are also excited to celebrate with a few fearless, creative and resilient artists like Jay Boogie, Durand Bernarr, Rahbi, and Cakes Da Killa. Each artist embodies our theme for this year; ALLURE : Conjuring Black Queer Magic. Most importantly, we are proud to affirm the students who are in fact the inspiration for our theme and all that we do.”

With a full schedule of spiritually lifting and engaging activities, this is a pride week that promises to be a meaningful one for its participants. Don’t miss any of the action!

For more information on all the Pride Week events, check our Morehouse Safe Space’s Facebook page.