PRBLMTC BTTM Responds to Sexual Assault and Anti-Semitism Allegations

PWR BTTM is facing accusations of sexual assault and anti-semitism. The claim was presented in  private groups via reddit and twitter. The posts allege Ben Hopkins to be a historically known sexual abuser and includes a photo of band member Ben Hopkins smiling next to a swastika.  The photo was acknowledged by the band in January,  with Hopkins stating "It was from a time in my life where I thought being ‘politically incorrect’ was really funny….To anyone who was hurt by this image….I am so sorry.” Still the abuse claims come with a list of receipts from the OP.

The posts include numerous accounts of advances on minors and issues of non-consent. Tourmates T-Rextasy, has now cancelled in light of these accusations, which they say comes to no surprise. Upon agreeing to tour, the band was privately confronted about a personal experience had  with Hopkins. T-Rextasy goes on to apologize for putting their career before the safety of fans; PWR BTTM welcomed anyone to contact them should they also have unpublicized claims. We do not recommend that victims of sexual assault share their stories with the band and instead seek help through appropriate legal channels.


Touring musician Cameron West has also discontinued association with PWR BTTM and says “From my understanding, these accusations were in fact levied via e-mail months ago, but were left unshared with other members…” Read his series of tweets below:



PWR BTTM has since responded to the accusations in a post on their Facebook account.

This comes on the arrival of PWR BTTM’s new album Pageant, but have now cancelled their album release show.