20 Questions with Rify Royalty!

Photos by Jon Dean

Photos by Jon Dean

WUSSY presents 20 Questions, a regular hottie column in which we attempt to glean a deeper understanding of select hotties through superficial yet tantalizing inquiries.

WUSSY had the opportunity to kick it with genderbending stud-muffin slash performance artist, Rify Royalty, before she made her way up to the annual Radical Faerie gathering.

Rify is the brains behind the monthly Brooklyn banger, Straight Acting, which just celebrated its 2-year anniversary at Metropolitan. The party has featured so many of our favorite kittens, such as Sasha Velour, Mister Wallace, Aja, and Will Automagic.

In June, this self-proclaimed “body queen of Brooklyn” will be making a splash at the Life Ball, a special Vienna event aimed at promoting HIV+ awareness and boosting the voices of those affected.

Ya girl Rify knows how to serve a lewk, but we thought you all might enjoy these stripped-down, bare-ass photos from our brief time together.


1. What’s your favorite app?
Anything that gets me laid. And Shazam.

2. What’s your favorite position?

3. Where were you when you found out Trump won?
Just left cirque de soleil and went to a eastern bloc to watch the results.

4. Who is your favorite Spice Girl?
Ginger. We have the same birthday.

5. If you could blackmail a politician, who would it be?
Does Monica Lewinsky count?

6. If you could turn back time, what year would you live in forever?
The year Lil Kim had her purple pastie moment. I want to live in a time where things like that still shocked me.

7. Can you eat gluten?
Love it!

8. Have you ever ghosted on a date?
Yes, but they probably deserved it.

9. What eating habit turns you off?
Someone who doesn't eat sweets.

10. What's your Real Housewives tagline?

11. Could you live in NYC forever?
I never wanted to live in NYC in the first place, but I fell in love with it. I think about it leaving it all the time though. Maybe I'll cheat on her with London.

12. What do you smell like?
Sweat, but it's mild.

13. Biggest party no-no?
Republican Party

14. If you could be any anime character, who would you be and why?
I don't know much about anime but maybe Mega man would be fun. The look is cute.

15. Monogamy or naw?
Ew. Nah.

16. Have you ever seen The Room?  No

17. What's the gayest thing about you?
My existence

18. What’s your favorite meme right now?
Anything with Jasmine Masters. I tend to make my own.

19. Favorite Meryl Streep movie?
Postcards from the edge

20. Are you gonna call us back after this?
You gotta earn it!!

For more on Rify Royalty, follow her @rifyroyalty on Twitter and Facebook.

And if you’re in Brooklyn on the first Thursday of the month, be sure to stop by Straight Acting at Metropolitan Bar.