20 questions with: Luke Hudson!

Photos by  Jon Dean

Photos by Jon Dean

WUSSY presents 20 Questions, a regular hottie column in which we attempt to glean a deeper understanding of select hotties through superficial yet tantalizing inquiries.

To kick off the 20 Questions hottie column we have Fort Troff’s first ever trans model, Luke Hudson. We don’t know much about Luke, but we know we have a really big crush on him and he always smiles at us in the hallways. WUSSY HBIC Jon Dean had the opportunity to photograph Luke in his birthday suit or something close to it.

Luke is sweet and we here at WUSSY are super clingy. So, for our first date with this dreamboat we asked him some questions to try and get to know him. We really wanted him to see that we are serious about this new relationship.

1. What’s your favorite app?
My Shazam app, it’s very helpful.

2. What’s your favorite appetizer?
Most places have spinach and artichoke dip, but I’ll settle for mozzarella sticks 😊

3. Dogs or cats?
Dogs, without hesitation.

4. What is your favorite Pokemon?
That’d be Toadodile.

5. If you could blackmail a politician, who would it be?
If I could bully Trump/Pence out of office you bet your ass I would.

6. Do you like spicy food?
For sure.

7. Can you eat gluten?

8. Have you ever ghosted on a date?
No but plenty of morning-afters.

9. What eating habit turns you off?
None of them, as long as one chews with their mouth shut.

10. What eating habit turns you on?
Chewing on the tips of strawberries 😊

11. Are these questions weird?
They’re not the weirdest questions I’ve answered.

12. What do you smell like?
Coffee and Polo most likely.

13. Are you sure these aren’t weird?
No, they’re pretty weird. But not the weirdest.

14. If you could be any anime character, who would you be and why?
I would definitely trade places with anyone from Attack on Titan because I’d be causing all sorts of violence in that universe.

15. Do you like reality TV?
Not even a little.

16. Have you ever listened to K-pop (Korean pop music)?

17. Has anyone ever told you that you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, that you look like Linda Evangelista and you’re a model?
Not specifically Linda Evangelista, but I’ve got severe White Boy Vague Face Syndrome.

18. What’s your favorite meme right now?

19. What’s your favorite pop song?
Sia’s Cheap Thrills

20. Are you gonna call us back after this?
That depends if you spit or swallow.

For more on Luke Hudson, visit his website HERE (NSFW) or follow him on Twitter @lukehudsonXXX