Eureka O'Hara on Drag Race & Fatphobia in the Gay Community

After nine seasons, RuPaul’s Drag Race has yet to crown a plus-size (or as Tyra would say, fiercely real) queen. Our favorite reality show drag competition has seen many big-boned fan favorites come close: Latrice Royale, Ginger Minj, Darienne Lake, and more. We were starting to lose hope that we would ever see a bigger gal represented on the sequence throne. However, at the onset of the latest season, one queen had us starry eyed and full of hope: Eureka O’Hara.

Full of body, glamour, and that southern Tennessee charm, Eureka made her presence known from the jump. After losing her mind over Lady Gaga’s premiere appearance, ruffling some feathers during Untucked, and captivating the hell out of us, she became the first queen in RPDR herstory to get sent home due to an injury.

Eureka’s exit from the show came as one of the most shocking moments so far this season. After tearing her ACL during a strenuous cheerleading challenge in episode two, our favorite big boned queen needed crutches to complete the next runway challenge. Her doctors and the show’s producers eventually decided to send Eureka packing, emphasizing that it was not safe for her to continue this season. However, she does have an open-invitation to slay next season.

After her sudden departure, Eureka underwent surgery and according to an interview with VICE, World of Wonder took care of all her medical expenses. Since then, she’s been traveling and performing for audiences around the world. On June 3, the Elephant Queen will headline our annual leather & fetish extravaganza, HOGTIED at The Heretic.

 We spoke with Eureka about her time on Drag Race and her new single Body Positivity.


Your exit from Drag Race was a gut-wrenching moment, but we are excited at the idea of having you back for Season 10. What are you doing to prepare for this next go round?

At this point I'm focusing on my healing process. If my doctor does not release me from medical care then my return will be delayed. That is why I am working hard to keep my mental and physical health at the top of my list.

On another note, I am saving money, trying to purchase wigs, costumes,  anything I can to have on stand by. Also for current touring I have to maintain my wardrobe etc. I'm rewatching seasons and obsessing over techniques and paths of those that have won this competition. This is my dream!! I can only hope I stand up, fight for, and shine through to make the judges and viewers believe I am America’s Next Drag Superstar, as much as I do.


Do you have any regrets from your time on Season 9?

I never regret the past but simply look forward to the future. My injury is something I could have been ok without happening, but God and destiny have a path for us and I'm walking/ limping mine. Hopefully to the top.


Who are your favorite queens from seasons past?

I love Alaska, Alyssa, Morgan McMicheals, Latrice, Ginger, Stacy, Sharon OMG maybe all of them lol


How would you describe the TN drag scene?

The TN drag scene is very Pageant oriented and glamorous.


The message behind your single Body Positivity is SO important. Do you think fatphobia and body shaming is especially prevalent in the queer community?  

Yes, it's a struggle!

Specifically in the Gay Male community, looks are the most important. Honestly if you’re obese, unless you're hairy and strapped in leather, you aren't sexualized by the average gay male. Specialization causes the treatment of other gay males to influence a lesser opinion by some. Sadly men are sexual mammals and constantly sexualize each other in the LGBT lifestyle. This can be true in Heterosexuals as well. I say love every inch, lb, shape, color, or anything in between of your Homosapien Sexual Self. Cause ultimately is that not what we all are, Humans? #bodypositivity


Do you text people using GIFs of yourself?

I love to text people using gifs of me from the show. I have such animated facial expressions and they know that. So they get a giggle out of it. Plus I have Gifs of myself, I'm a mother fucking Shtarrrr lol


Favorite pop star or icon and why?

Lady Gaga and Jessie J, both smart and incredibly talented. I relate with both in their music, Lyrics, and life stories and expression.


Tickets for HOGTIED III, featuring Eureka O’Hara - hosted by Dax ExclamationPoint and Brigitte Bidet - are available online or at the door. $10-15