Karen Handel Wins and Dem’s Have Still Learned Nothing

Well here we have it folks. I know many of us may feel a little pisssed Ossoff but it’s time to Handel the truth. 

Karen Handel is officially the House representative for Georgia’s 6th District. Through a narrow 52% to 48% win, it’s clear that Dem’s can get close but just can’t make the cut. Jon Ossoff seemed to be positioned to take the cake, but did y’all forget this is Georgia and we can’t have nice things?

In regular form, these results have led to the chorus of “whose fault is this?” followed with the obligatory witch hunt for non-voters and blaming of the youth. While there is much to discuss with these arguments, I’d much rather take time to focus on the Dem’s current track record and strategy. Jon Ossoff, while seen as an ultra liberal to staunch conservatives, was just another candidate appealing to the moderate centrist. This strategy continues to put Democrats in a streak of close, but no cigar. So what do we do here?

I’ve seen some talk of approaching candidacy by aiming more left. This response comes from leftist claims of Democrats trying to persuade the Fox News conservative or lick the boot of a centrist—sounds hot but maybe not. One major gripe that many disenfranchised non-voters and leftists have is that establishment candidates are still not good enough. Leaning on more socialist policies and targeting poor and marginalized issues could help bring out more voters and still run alongside policies that moderates would consider. That being said, this may not have been the best district to start heralding these goals.

Georgia is a red state, District 6 is 71% white and is formed by some of the most affluent citizens, especially in Cobb County. Garnering a reliable following based on lefty views may not be the easiest or most realistic approach. Besides that though, Dem losses in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina, show that their variance in campaign strategy still takes a back seat to their core messaging. It fails time and time again. All in all, this is another lesson for 2018 midterm elections and while Democrats may need to look into an overhaul of priorities and messaging, this is also a time to look into other alternatives and solutions.

What do you think?

Matt Jones is your average carefree black boi, community worker, and sensei. As an Atlanta based artist he dreams to foster community and advocate real change for issues involving but not limited to mental health, queer life, and POC disparity.