The Fuss about the Fight Issue: Queer Takeover at the Atlanta Contemporary

Featured Artist:  Patrick Di Rito

Featured Artist: Patrick Di Rito

On June 8th, WUSSY hosts our Fight Issue Release & Discussion Panel. Through Atlanta Contemporary’s signature program Contemporary Cocktails night, we will raise our glasses and elevate our thoughts as we explore the idea of fights of every nature. Whether it be fights with a cruel and heartless government, fights with our inner saboteur, or battling with our loved ones, this issue dives into the complex nuances of what it means to be in an uphill battle, to struggle and give all your efforts and heart to a cause that is worth your whole self and your whole voice.

 The evening is hosted by the Atlanta Contemporary and will feature a panel of some of the most talented and inspiring individuals in Atlanta’s community. From arts activists and community-organizing advocates to choreographers, writers, and groundbreaking performance artists, WUSSY has gathered extraordinary minds to discuss the questions that provoke our community.

What is a southern queer narrative? Where does our story fit in the tapestry of the broader culture’s story? What is the direction of the southern queer narrative and who is leading us? Corian Ellisor, Jody Fausett, Liliana Bakhtiari, Leo Hollen Jr, Theresa Davis and our own Zaida J will give us their responses and bring the conversation into new light.

There will be a reading from some of the artists featured in the issue. Anna Jones, Ming Vase-Dynasty, Danielle Wood, TK Haile, Ami Le, Theresa Davis and Carmen Laughlin. A mix of poems, essays, and spoken word will take over the night with stories of struggle, pain and victory.

The Fight Issue will be available on site to purchase for $15. Specialty cocktails by mixologist Ryan Treadwell will be available at the cash bar and the night promises to be a party, a call to duty, and a memorable evening for Atlanta artists and supporters.  

Join us at the Atlanta Contemporary from 6-8:30pm. They are located at 535 Means St NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318