East Atlanta Crowns a Filthy New Miss Glitz

Photography by  Jon Dean

Photography by Jon Dean

Rarely does a drag talent emerge that manages to both enthrall, enamour, and disgust audiences all at once.

Far from a simple shock queen, Molly Rimswell has begun to leave a resounding impression in dingy bars east and west of the city. Her performances range from the cerebral to the absurd, the heart wrenching to the gut-busting. She’s an all around Superstar and having recently taken her place as Glitz(!) show-runner at Mary’s—and on the throne that comes with the title—her work is only beginning.

Molly will be curating the long-running monthly drag revue and it’s been rumored that she plans to make the show bigger, better, and more regular than ever (regular weekly Drag in the East Atlanta Village?! We’re alive).

Performing since 2013, Molly first competed in Miss Glitz last year. "I made an outfit out of bubble wrap. I deserved to go home," she told us.

WUSSY recently sat with her and asked her a round of questions, attempting to get more cozy with our favorite reigning swamp witch (we miss you Lavonia Elberton!).

Where are you from?

I was born in a double-wide trailer in Gainsville, GA, but I moved to Peachtree City (land of Golf Carts and Starbucks) in 2001.

What do you do by day?

Is this the part where I backdoor brag about how busy I am?
I am a skin esthetician and sales person by trade. I'm also a full-time student, working on my masters, at Georgia State University.

How would you describe your drag style/character?

I'm a big, dumb idiot and I guarantee you that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. However, I have a butt-ton of energy and I love to party.

As the reigning Miss Glitz, what do you hope to bring to the Atlanta drag scene? What needs to change in the ATL drag scene?

I want Atlanta drag to be more inclusive and remind people that this is fun. Atlanta has a massive and historic drag scene and there are so queens/kings/and those that identify as either, both, and neither, but we have a really bad habit of comparing ourselves to the other "success stories" of our town. I want performers to embrace their weird and shock the crowd with a new, twisted perspective. 

There are so many ways to perform drag and each one is valid and beautiful. Drag is weird and, above all else, a statement that challenges societal expectation and norms. In short, I want Atlanta drag to hypnotize the world and incite social change that propels us into a more loving future.

Photography by  Jon Dean

Photography by Jon Dean

Who are you drag inspirations and why?

Lucille Ball - she's the queen of all things outrageous
Larry the Cucumber - embodies my awkward and tries to make it work
Vivian Westwood - deconstructed monarch fashionz
Vestal Goodman - this woman has all of my hair goals
Dolly Parton - She doesn't give a shit about what anyone does. She just wants to have a good time.
Debbie Harry - She also doesn't give a shit about anyone. She just wants to dance.


GLITZ(!) returns on July 20th at Mary's ATL. RSVP HERE to see more Molly!