Popular Atlanta Gay Club JUNGLE Forced to Shut Down After 13 Years


Following a trend of big LGBTQ+ clubs closing their doors all across the country, one of Atlanta's biggest nightlife spots have announced that they are about to close their doors. 

After thirteen years of business, Jungle's last night will officially be on November 11th. Jungle, which has been the home to many legendary nightlife events like Stars of the Century and The Other Show, to name a few, does not have the option to renew the lease at their Cheshire Bridge location. 

In a statement made today on Facebook, owner Richard Cherskov announced, "Ive tried everything to convince our new building owners to renew our lease, but the fact remains that they feel our business is not compatible with the new apartments they are building next door. " 

Ah, the Atlanta way. 

This is a big blow to the Atlanta gay community, specifically because Jungle has been one of the only 18+ gay venues with a proper stage, sound, and lighting for club events. 

Jungle has a slew of events coming up before its official last day on November 11th, including a couple of WUSSY productions. Check out the full list of events below.


09/23 – R4H Main Event – Blacklow
09/30 – Wussy Mag – Pearl
10/07 – Angel X – DreamTeam
10/11 – Randy Rainbow (Lost N Found Youth)
10/13 – Pride Friday – Drew G & Evah Destruction (host)
10/14 – Pride Saturday – Joe Gauthreux
10/21 – Wacked Out Black Out
10/27 – Secret Partys Halloween
10/28 – Halloween: The End is Near – Cindel
11/04 – Angel X – DreamTeam
11/11 – Abel (with GA Boy Productions)

Weekly shows:
Monday 11:00 PM – Stars of the Century
Friday 9:00 PM – The Other Show
Saturday 9:00 PM – Fantasy Girls