RuPaul will Probably Host SNL Sometime this Season


In a 2016 interview with Vulture, RuPaul declared that drag will never become mainstream, and this year he may just be proving himself wrong.

It’s been on the air for ten years, but RuPaul’s Drag Race is starting to gain some serious momentum. Moving from Logo to VH1 has certainly increased visibility for the show, as well as mega-celebrity guest judges like Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera.

This year, Drag Race finally took home its first Primetime Emmy for Best Reality Competition, an award that’s typically given to more conservative picks like The Voice or The Amazing Race. The creators received a standing ovation and a notably vocal applause from Saturday Night Live star, Leslie Jones. But apparently Jones isn’t the only superfan over at SNL.

This week on RuPaul's podcast "What's the Tee?”, Ru discussed his experience at the Emmy Awards and after party celebrations with co-host Michelle Visage. At the HBO after party, the duo was apparently approached by Lorne Michaels, creator and producer of Saturday Night Live.

Ru recalled Michaels tapping him on the shoulder and saying, “I’m a fan of your work. Congratulations.” But the real kicker: “We’ll continue this conversation real soon.”

Does that mean what we all think it means? Will RuPaul finally get to host the late night sketch show?

“All I knew was in that moment, you are going to host SNL,” said Visage.

It’s unclear whether or not we will get to see him hosting this year, but it never hurts to be on Lorne’s radar! RuPaul says he regards that moment as “huge” and “almost up there with me getting an Emmy.”

We’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for you, Ru!