WUSSYMIX // OCTOBER '18 Playlist


What is it that separates queer art from the mainstream? Is it the same as whatever attracts straight women to drag? Maybe. Regardless of the source, queerness and art are so intertwined that those of us who tick both boxes (or more — and I do love box) are generally on similar wavelengths. These wavelengths extend vastly outside of even the queer press there is. For every Years & Years, Hayley Kiyoko and The 1975, there’s a Hercules & Love Affair, Mykki Blanco, and Fever Ray. Equally, for every queer band with ties to New York City, there’s a queer band without.

WUSSYMIX is a monthly tribute to those with and without, as well as my own general, personal exhaustion over straightness being lorded by queer publications over queerness. (But that’s a whole other issue for a whole other issue — but really, Madonna again?) In addition, WUSSYMIX is a celebration of queer artists from the world-over; artists whose music stands on its own, free of labels, while also calling attention to the pure fact that art is, in itself, kinda damn queer.


October features artists such as Christine & the Queens, John Grant, Queen Zee, Anna Calvi and more. Just call me your Fairy Rob Gordon, even if I am more of a fairy Jack Black. Either way, now all I really want is a gay High Fidelity. Just me?

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Em Burfitt is a queer music journalist whose transient heart is always in Paris. She's a regular contributor to The Line of Best Fit, NarC. Magazine + Get in her Ears. http://emburfitt.com