Chester Lockhart's Queer, Sexy Take on the Classic "Spell On You"

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Spooky electro-pop prince, Chester Lockhart, is celebrating every Queer’s favorite holiday with the gift of a new music video. “Spell On You” is a take on the classic Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song, with added lyrics from Lockhart and a sickening music video, with ghoulish guest stars like Disasterina from Dragula season two.

Lockhart made a name for himself by performing in hundreds of Todrick Hall music videos and eventually creating his own music. Earlier this year, he starred alongside Scheana Shay (Vanderpump Rules) in Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man in Las Vegas.

We spoke to Lockhart to find out his inspiration for the new video and find out what’s next!

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What made you decide to take on such an iconic song? 

The original by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins  and my fave version by Creedence Clearwater Revival always made me wanna dance naked and levitate in my room. I wanted to put a darker more sexual energy into the song so that now I have an excuse to dance naked more.

Most gays associate this song with Hocus Pocus. Are you a fan?

I will tell you this: one time I was in the parking lot of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas when I was fifteen and Bette Midler walked by on the way to the valet. I burst into tears. Not like a little cute dramatic trickle.... full blown sobbing. I hope that answers the question.

What inspires you?

I’m obsessed with golden age Hollywood films, especially from like 1945-1950. I love not only the elaborate and decadent noir movies but also lush bright musicals. Everything had so much real life work out into and the crazy string arrangements make me want to throw on a silk gown and ~*lounge about*~ I also love dark future horror films (especially from the 80’s) and gloomy anime.

But also I love Destiny’s Child.

It's a great time for Queer Pop right now. What kind of mark do you want to make on the world? 

I want to be a strong voice for a different side of the queer community. I definitely don’t fit the sparkles and sunshine mold of a pride parade but I’m just as gay, just as proud and I hope to showcase that you can be fierce and kinda goth AND love Celine Dion. I also love creating anything with diverse, multi ethnic casts of characters so putting this video together with some of my most colorful underground friends in LA was a dream come true.

What can we expect next from you? 

An emotional breakdown around Christmas followed by a lot of New Years resolutions I won’t stick to.