10 Outfits to Wear for Atlanta Pride to Show Off Your Bi Pride


Your girl has been a mini-fashionista since she was 10 and received her first ym magazine in the mail. Ever since then, I’ve read fashion magazines cover-to-cover. I’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada countless of times - and the read the book along with several other Weisberger novels. My husband downloaded the M2M “premier fashion network” for me, so I could nerd out over fashion documentaries, short films, and runways in Milan. I worked for fashion bloggers when I lived in LA, mainly because I knew I would get first dibs on the bags of clothes they were reselling or dropping off at Goodwill - one of the bloggers gave me a series of high-end dresses to wear on my honeymoon in Paris and a list of all the places famous fashionistas shop, dine, and visit. You pick up what I’m putting down - I’ve got champagne tastes and a beer budget with the looks of April Ludgate and the soul of Barbie.

That said, I hate much of Pride fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I adore some delightfully tacky garb, but so many of the bi-pride shirts I see online just ain’t chic. Luckily for me, the editors at WUSSY believe in my imperative need to put together chic bi pride outfits to throw some ideas the way of my fellow fashionistas for Atlanta Pride, so without further ado, here they are, boys and girls and everything's-in-betweens!

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Hit Me Bi-By One More Time

I know, I know - the header feels a bit shoehorned to me, too, but I NEVER SAID I WAS GOOD AT PUNS. Like any good queer, I love me some Britney Spears. This outfit is giving me bisexual-lighting-in-a-Janelle-Monae-vid coupled with Britney-dating-Justin-denim-realness-and-oh-wait-is-this-also-Xtina-in-her-dirrrty-phase? It is all of those things and so much more, because you will be wearing it, kitty girl! Keep the jacket on just in case it gets chillier at night in the A, or throw it off for parade festivities during the day!

Good Bi

If you’re the Sporty Spice of the friend group, then this kickass outfit is perfect for you! Platform combat boots can help you stomp your way through crowds - or on the dance floor (and they’re vegan leather to boot, pun intended!). The windbreaker is perfect for that temperamental Georgia weather. And the mini-backpack says, “Why yes, I am ready to party, hands-free.”

Oh She Fancy

Look, you and I both know that I could only make so many bisexual puns, so we’re just gonna stick with song lyrics for the headers. But I digress - back to the fashion! I’m a big fan of affordable, feminine, androgynous clothing that at least looks high-end and is COMFORTABLE. This trapeze dress from Torrid is a winner in my little black fashion book, along with these “freaky fembot” heels from Dolls Kill. Lady up top, freak down below, I guess, though I personally don’t believe in “ladylike” anything. Combine it with a cute fuzzy backpack for a bit of - dare I say - WHIMSY, and you’ve got yourself a lewk.

Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp-Dressed Person

I dig this suit on all humans. There’s something about a fitted suit that’s incredibly sexy, and this blue one is perfect for subtly showing off your bi pride for, say, meeting up for drinks at the Clermont after the parade. I love Express’s suits, because they’re reminiscent of Tom Ford, yet more affordable. Pair this bad boy with some Oxford-inspired shoes or loafers, and you’re good to go!

Space Unicorn

I never understood the hate that was thrown towards unicorns. If you’re bi and want to have sex with a straight couple, you do you boo! Pride can take many forms, so show off your adventurous side with this dark unicorn dress from Black Milk Clothing. Pair it with some space-y kicks for comfort + style, and you’re sure to find your own blessing (which is a gathering of unicorns, as I’ve recently learned from my daughter’s books on unicorns!).

More Comfort, No Problem

Again with the comfortable clothing, Anna? YAS QUEENS. I would pair this on a chill weekend with leggings and Vans and some hot over-the-knee boots for Pride parties in the A. You’ll be serving queer Ariana Grande-realness. God is a woman indeed.

Velvet Dreams

Nostalgia for the 90’s is real, and I am living for it. When I was a kid/mini-fashionista growing up way back then, I had velvet everything, so I am 100% behind the trend in our signature colors of blue, pink, and purple. Add a tie-dye blouse, and you’re truly living in a 90’s dream!

Baby Girl

I love dressing “younger” than I am, which is probably why I have such an affinity for rompers. Plus, if it’s hot on Pride weekend, this should keep you sweat-free! If you snag that purple fur jacket we mentioned earlier, feel free to throw it on over this cute blue romper. Pair it with some girl-friendly socks, and you’ve got yourself a bi outfit for Pride - and beyond.

Kiss From a Rose

Sometimes, keepin’ it caz is best, and ya’ll know I can’t walk out of Target without buying at least an extra $50 worth of stuff I don’t need. I know it’s simple, but I love this pairing - it reminds me of California, with the bleached jeans and light pink top. Let this rose-tee-and-jeans combo be your best brunch outfit, and have a mimosa or Bloody Mary on us.

And After the Party, It’s Time to Go to Bed

Listen. If I saw you out at Pride in this bi-tastic PJ set, complete with cute pink sandals I would a.) not blame you and b.) think you were still boss af for going from the club straight to bed and c.) want to be your best friend. And let’s be real, these Black Milk pajamas are price-y coming in at a cool $119, and you can certainly find cheaper ones, like the all-in-one blue jumpsuit from a random clothing manufacturer on Amazon that we still suggest pairing with some pink fuzzy slides, like these Rihanna-inspired ones from Dolls Kill. Don’t forget to wash your face before bed, dolls - and tell whoever’s with you to do the same, WINK. Happy Pride!

Anna Jones is a writer and producer currently based in Atlanta. She is the proud owner of digital copywriting agency Girl.Copy and independent film production company Tiny Park Productions. She loves a lot of stuff, but mainly: her husband, kid, and cat, writing and filmmaking, coffee and Diet Coke, millennial pink, sushi, gay stuff, and horror films.