Seth Bogart and Wacky Wacko Release New "Divine in Detroit" Collection


Wacky Wacko has been a wondrous source of queer punk fashion with their signature all-over prints in homages to riot grrrls, RuPaul, muscle pageantry and product parody. Seth Bogart and friends have produced cheeky designs for the currently online-only boutique since its advent in 2013. And based out of Shangri-LA, host to the kookiest, kitschiest and simply divine, it only makes sense that Wacky Wacko would eventually toast to Divine herself.


This week, merch in dusty pink with an image of the original “Divine in Detroit” tee by Divine Official Enterprises has been a delight, an aesthetic of perfect match to the Wacky Wacko brand. The duffel bag is already sold out (for now) but the carry-all bag is fab and the main focus of this very sassy commercial promoting the line. This design is also offered on button-downs, crop tops and leggings. And if you happen to be in Palm Springs this weekend, Wacky Wacko will have a pop-up at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club Saturday and Sunday 12-6PM alongside the Divine Museum, F.L.O.W and many other awesome peeps.   

Check out Volume 5 of printed WUSSY to learn more about Seth Bogart’s 2018, whose recent Feelin’ Fruity! variety program and amazing summer art show has us fluttering. Bogart is a true Jack of All Trades (master of all)—musician, zinester, ceramicist, painter, designer, host, curator, creator. And with a huge catalogue of inspiration, a true lover of camp and admirer of queer and feminist icons, Bogart’s cross-pollination of kitsch is embedded in a majority of his works. The young artiste and pervy pop prince has accomplished a great deal in a massive arrays of mediums in such a short time and we can’t wait to see what he does next!