Not Your Nana's China: Pansy Ass Ceramics makes the perfect holiday dinnerware


Pansy Ass Ceramics has been on the scene since 2015, helmed by artist & boyfriend duo, Andrew Walker and Kris Aaron. What started as a hobby of painting thrift store finds has grown to a full scale operation, garnering the Toronto team international press and exhibition spots at Art Basel in Miami and the Queer Biennial in Los Angeles.

The boys also just announced a line of naughty, hand-crafted XXXmas tree decorations you find here. From Drag Race themed sculptures to wall-mounted planters shaped like cocks, these one-of-a-kind pieces are equal parts beautiful and gloriously playful. For Queers on a budget, they also offer enamel pins, shirts, tanks, and sweaters.

Our former WUSSY Editor, dearly departed Matt Jones, was a huge fan of Pansy Ass Ceramics. He introduced me to their work several years ago and eventually gifted me his lush “Queer” bowl when he knew he was going to pass.

Like Nana’s special china, Matt’s Pansy Ass bowl sits high on my shelf for display and special queer occasions only — a shrine to chosen families and the laughs and meals that we shared.

Check out our q&a with Walker and Aaron below and be sure to order yourself a piece or two, invite the family over, and put your faggotry on full display.

Matt’s Bowl

Matt’s Bowl


What artists or fellow queers inspire you? Who should we be following?

We're greatly inspired by homewares of the 50s and 60s and ceramics from the past.  Some of our favorite queer artists are also from the past... David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Michael Leonard, Tom Of Finland.

Current artists we're really digging are Ivan Alifan, Andy Dixon, The Haas Brothers, Nadine Faraj.

What are the ideal ways of displaying your pieces?

We make a lot of vessels, an ideal display would be with a big bunch of flowers. We love to see them on your bedside table, curiosity cabinet or any place that needs a little extra pride  in your living space.

What do you think of the rampant sex phobia in today's culture?

Is there rampant sex-phobia?  We try not to pay much attention to what's going on in media nowadays.  It's all very grim.  But we definitely feel like there's so much hypocrisy and fucked up shit going on in the world right now, that how dare anyone be against showing affection and having fun with our bodies?


What's the most common misconception about what you do?

I think generally ceramics is still widely viewed as craft.  What we hope to contribute to the legitimization of ceramics as a fine art.  We hand-build, sculpt and slip-cast everything we do from our Toronto studio and we don't get our work mass produced in overseas.

What are you binging?

We are dying for the 3rd season of The Handmaid's Tale to come out!  

What's next for you pansies?

We're taking over an entire room at The Gaythering Hotel  during Miami Art Week coming up in December followed by a big show in Mexico City in January! 

And we are busy putting together a new collection of small works that will be available online in time for the holigays! XX