An Unholy Night of Sugar & Spice, Naughty & Nice


The best part about the holidaze is undoubtedly parties and not just the indulgences therein. December is truly the only time of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to don oneself high-key debonair. Yes, ya’ll unicorns rejoice! Ho Ho Homos get more merry! It’s time to Dyke the Halls with rhinestone bow ties!

And honestly, before the long winter really gets under our skins, sparkle is much in need. What femme doesn’t want to display her best glam-esqe Ice Queen attire, watching all fools tread Death as our vamps are dressed to kill in holiday cheer. Beware fuckboys, you walk slippery masts with hands tied behind your backs, sailors wonton in red light, glittering in Thierry Mugler silver and gold, attempting to warm their graves before the dull of January starts to ache.

Yes, some of us hunger for sun-kissed tropical destinations, neon hibiscus, blinding sunset, coconut wafting into our nostrils, suntan lotion and browning hips. But here in what they call cuffing season we instead propel towards hot toddies and animalistic loveliness. What keeps the gray monotony at bay, snow scouts? Whatever it is, the SPARKLE brings the bright to our starry winter nights.  

Of course driving electronic ballads, whether frivolous and frilly or biting and bitchy, tend to win their rightful spot on the getting primped and getting pumped soundtrack. No matter suit and Flock of Seagulls pompadour, cyber slut gear or drenched in a gown of Swarovski crystals, spilling saccharine on the stereo puts dancing feet under the glimmer globe. The disco ball unites a sea of yearning delight.

Creeping upon 2019 and reflecting on our changes, good and bad, accomplishments or defeat, it is perfectly acceptable to approach it all with decadence and debauchery. Yes, even you, scathing countess scoffing, presenting glamour an armory amidst self-deprecating memes and resting bitch face that hides one’s hungry heart or goofy galloping sweet saucy sexy happy-go-lucky Christmas elfin energies. Goddexx knows this life on repeat won't do shit for our souls. Onward ho to whatever everyone’s searching for, but in these last bits of 2018, we dance.

On December 22nd, our annual Unholy Night will mix Naughty and Nice as a soiree fit for the sassiest of Santas and sweetest of Satans. Cozied up in Little Five Point’s Star Bar, come one come all, trashy and twinky, devil and diva, for a night of drag, dancing and a costume contest with up to $300 in prizes.

Our headliner Lavonia Elberton curated quite the smooth guest playlist and in our largest Spotify collaboration yet, the Unholy Night performers have compiled a Winter Wonderland Discotheque, with songs picks by SILK WOLF, Brigitte Bidet, Iv Fischer, Paege Turner, Miss He and WUSSY staff.  

There will also be performances by Kryean Kally and JayBella Banks.
Doors at 10PM. Event is 21+. $10 Presale Tickets Here