Is Gia Gunn the Villain of All-Stars 4? Absooooluuutely!

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Gia Gunn is feeling her oats and serving you Regina George realness! The mean girl of All-Stars Four is tearing into her burn book and leaving no queen without shade.

Coming off of last week’s tense Farrah Moan interactions, Gia is holding onto her grudges and refusing to play nice with the other queens. After being chosen last for this week’s Stacey Layne Matthews themed challenge, Gia is letting it be known why she has a beef with Farrah. And despite team leader Trinity the Tuck - and the rest of the workroom - not asking, Gia tells her group about a fight between her, Farrah, and an unnamed friend that happened almost six months ago.

Gia’s inability to let go of the past fuels the other queens’ anger and indifference towards her, which leads to a tense choreography rehearsal. She tries to assert her status as head of the Plastics, but Trinity reminds Gia she is the Gretchen Wieners of the group and needs to fall in line. As Stacey Layne Matthews notes, there are too many cooks in this kitchen and tensions are rising.

Back in the workroom, before the mainstage show, Gia pokes and pries her way into Farrah’s business by asking Monique Heart how she’s performing in the group challenge. But she doesn’t stop there! To ‘make things right,’ Gia confronts Farrah at her workstation and notes she is the weakest link in Monique’s group. Farrah clocks back at Gia for trying to bring back old drama and forcing storylines to get airtime. Gia’s clunky eyelash tactics are not missed on the other queens as Monique stands up for Farrah and calls out Gia for gaslighting her teammate.

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Compared to last All-Stars season’s manufactured storylines and last-minute saves, Gia Gunn is giving Drag Race fans and Reddit users the authentic drama they crave … or so they’re told. How much of this season’s drama is real is debatable. As Reddit users are pointing out, the producers are not innocent of giving the queens clean edits. In fact, they’re probably guilty of fueling the drama that occurs between the queens offstage for better ratings.

On the flip side, this is also bad press for Gia. She’s one of the few openly transgender women to compete on the show. Since her transition, she’s been outspoken on social media about transgender representation in television. Even so far as calling out RuPaul for his comments about not allowing transgender women to compete on the show. For her to play up the villain card on her return to Drag Race could take away the goodwill she’s built for herself and distract fans from her advocacy in the transgender community.

Time will tell how fans will contend with Gia’s attitude. But with Farrah going home this week, the question remains if Gia will continue the mean girl act, or if she’ll RuDeem herself into the top three slot of All-Stars Four.

Stevie King is a genderqueer comedian, freelance writer, and wife of seven brother-husbands. She loves spending her days sitting at home waiting for her children to call...