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Although I’m not sure where November went, or what-in-the-actual-fuck it was, but as Samuel Beckett said, “Dance first, think later.” Unfortunately, as a creative first and a Virgo sun second, my lot in life is to think too much. But November is over, Thanksgiving happened for you guys in the States, and I finally got to see Metric live.

While Emily Haines doesn’t identify as queer, it wasn’t surprising to me to see so many of my fellow brethren there to relate to her lyrics of outsiderness, pain, self-doubt, and overwhelming worry. I had the chance to be in the photo pit and met another photographer there (A Real Photographer) who was queer and from the States and over to see Metric. We were both rightfully overwhelmed.

However, after dancing first and thinking (too much) later, I reflected on some of the best queer tunes I’ve heard over the last four weeks. And, simultaneously, thought about how much I love Winona Ryder. Over coffee. Because Carpe YOLO. This month, we’re seeing artists such as SOPHIE, Coeur de Pirate, HMLTD, and Lala Lala keeping the queer star burning bright over the land of the otherwise damned.

In any event, since Christmas is approaching way-too-fast and I’ve yet to find peace of mind, I’ll leave my holiday cheer in you guys’ court. Or else I’ll be watching heterosexual Netflix Christmas films and I’m experiencing a hit of lifelong aromanticism as it is. So, no thanks.

Until next year, my fellow queer audiophiles. May your days be merry and bright, and if you’re like me (don’t be), high as a kite. Happy Holigays!!!

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Em Burfitt is a queer music journalist whose transient heart is always in Paris. She's a regular contributor to The Line of Best Fit, NarC. Magazine + Get in her Ears. http://emburfitt.com