LOUDSPEAKER:: I can be the boss Daddy by Esteban Mendez

PHOTO: Tamotsu Yato

PHOTO: Tamotsu Yato

WUSSY is proud to present a poem by ATL artist, Esteban Mendez. 
If you would like to send in a writing submission, please contact Nicholas Goodly


I can be the boss Daddy

I can be the boss Daddy
Your Lolita gullying that tonsil cigar

Fondle me Daddy ever so, climax me fierce faunlet
I’ll smother you like you wanted it, don’t cry

You like your nymphets insane Daddy
Pisces my jailbait fishnets, stab me with your spear

Suppository that loose Daddy, you got me palming it
shotgun the X, flaming vitamins match my singed hole

My, my, Daddy have we been everywhere? My mascara
hasn't been waterproof for ages; let me dabble on some before

we rehearse this Daddy, tip tap tatter tongue tripping times three, got me dot it?
These legs ain't just slinging up gold tiddles you know

cough me out like smoke, but you'll remember the darkness


Esteban Mendez is a gay poet who recently moved to Atlanta to get his shit together after failed attempts in Florida. He is currently succeeding and has a few more poems in the work that are brewing.