Bring it to the Runway: Rucapping the Drag Race Season 10 Premiere


Last night, RuPaul’s Drag Race kicked off it’s 10th season (thirteen if you include All Stars)!

Before we spill all the T, let's celebrate this milestone for the LGBTQ community!!! The fact that the show has only grown in popularity is a testament to the resilience of the LGBTQ+ community and the art form of drag.

This season promises to be a season full of gag-worthy moments so let’s dive right in, shall we?

Werk Room Lewks

Eureka || If it was my ass, I would have walked back into the werk room in the same outfit that I left in, crutches and all. Then I would’ve slammed down them crutches and said “Let’s pick up where we left of shall we?”…..but ya know the Phoenix lewk was cute….lighten up on the eyes tho bae.

image3 (2).gif

Asia O’Hara || Kameron may get all the love for the trade of the season, but I’m here to tell you…. Asia could holla in or out of drags. I’m a sucker for fringe, and that outfit was so god-damn right!

Miz Cracker || I have found my new favorite queen!! Before the promos came out, I didn’t know much about her, but since then I have devoured every Youtube video and makeup tutorial she has put out. She is my new favorite and I predict she will be Top 4 and TBH I can’t wait till her and Bob have their own Viceland show, because that needs to be a THING! Also I was so here for that lewq—that color was DIVINE on her and the hair?! Shut up and take my money now!

Blair St. Clair || Which producer brought their son to werq and decided to let them compete? Oh wait, that’s the queen who BROKE HER GOD DAMN COURT ORDER TO APPEAR ON DRAG RACE?! CMON TMZ QUEEN!

Bob the Drag…. I mean Monet X Change || I know they are sisters, but Monet is going to have to step that pussy up and prove she is her own queen, because all I'm getting is Bob 2.0

Kameron Michaels || TRADE TRADE TRADE!!! Now that we’ve settled that, the hair said FUCK ME, but the dress said Forever 21, Spring 2016.

Mayhem Miller || FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for Mayhem for YEARS! If that lewk was any indication, Mayhem AINT JOKING BITCH!

Kalorie Karbdashian || NEXT!…..JK Miss thing….but seriously lose the shake and go’s.

Monique Heart || MEH! I dunno, I just didn’t like the lewq. It looked like something a newbie queen would buy from a older pageant queen at her Yard Sale.

The Vixen || LOVE LOVE LOVE! Vixen has some huge shoes to fill as the last few season have given us drag superstars from Chicago!

Vanessa Mateo || Meh again, y’all! It wasn’t terrible but I also have a hard time remembering what she wore.

Aquaria || If you want me to blow smoke up her unpadded ass, you came to the wrong place. She just rubs me all kinds of the wrong way. From her super conceited and entitled attitude to that TERRIBLE HAIRLINE!!!  She looks like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber in that red turtleneck and please stop doing the Trixie-as-RuPaul head movements.



Mini Challenge

IM SO FUQQQQQING STOKED TO SEE A MINI CHALLENGE!!! I loved seeing some OG members and fan favorites! Ongina (who HAS to be on AS4), Trixie (SUE ME BITCH), Kim Chi, Bob, and Manilla were my favorites, though everyone looked so damn good!


These were my Mini Challenge Standouts: 


Cracker || We learn the Bob connection, and she could just flounder around for hours and I’d give it dollars

Vixen || She can dance it the house down boots—did we ever figure out what that means?

Monet X Change || She was serving it to you, honey. I love the triple dip, and her personality shined through the entire time. A well deserved win for Monet and Ru-dempition, in my mind.


Maxi Challenge

The Maxi Challenge this week is actually a throwback to Season 1 with the very first challenge ever on Drag Race. Drag on a Dime time y’all! It separates the queens who had nice clothes made/styled for them vs the queens that have amazing taste and can sew!

The werk room is pretty calm, all things considered. It doesn’t look the producers are trying to get them to cry off their makeup while getting ready, at least not yet….




RuPaul’s catsuit with the sweeping white hair, may just be the best she’s ever looked. I’m glad to see her hair, makeup, and styling all are back together. Xtina as a judge was awesome! Compared to some of the other guest judges, she had some very constructive critiques.

The runway was a MESS and proved that most of the queens have great style, but when it comes to execution, taste isn’t always automatic.

My Standouts:


Mayhem ends up winning in a STUNNING trash bag and glove outfit that would give most of the designers on Project Runway a run for their money in the unconventional challenge.

Vanessa and Kalorie deservedly end up in the bottom. Both lewqs were rough and Vanessa’s in particular added more weight to her body and ended up looking like she rolled through some six year olds birthday party.



We get the pleasure of having a song that is one of the guest judges and TBH I was ready to quit it all if we didn’t get an Xtina song. I’m still mad about that homophobic moment of AS3 where we had Emma Bunton but no Spice Girls LSFYL.

Anyways…..back to the matter at hand I just wrote Corn…..wait what was the question?


Kalorie. It was hers from go. If we needed a nail, it had to be Vanessa slipping all up on that terrible tulle and then the juxtaposition to Kalorie pulling out that $$ on the downbeat and dropping to a split.


My Current Top 4:

Stay tuned next week for more Rucaps!