RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, Episode 2: PharmaRusical The Meh-sical


I’m gonna start by holding nothing back…..



This had to be the most lackluster episode of the franchise in the last few years. From the mini challenge to the challenge and even the runway. It was just kinda…..


When the episode starts there’s already a hole in our hearts because Vanjie has sashayed away. I REALLY hope they bring her back for 11. Even though Kalorie won that first lip sync, this episode provide she’s Grade A filler HENNY!

The highlight of the werkroom and maybe the week is Vixen calling out Aquaria for acting like she was un-bothered by Miz Cracker’s makeup choices. Aquaria spat off at the mouth how she felt Cracker has been coming for her gig, but didn’t want to be as bold to her face. The Vixen wasn’t having ANY of it HENNY, and told what had really happened while they were on the main stage.




Vixen officially has the role of whistleblower of the season! I had some strong ass T and can tell y’all this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Vixen vs Aquaria storyline. Shit is gonna get gaggy!

The mini challenge was just a glorified makeshift Rupaul music video ft. Andy Cohen. Remember how last week I was so excited to see a mini-challenge? Yea I take all that shit back and want a full refund! The tags are still attached and I got the receipt!

The main challenge this week is to perform PharmaRusical. Alyssa Edwards is the choreographer for the musical, and thank god! This episode needed some comedy gold pumped into it. This musical is honestly the worst musical they’ve ever done (Bitch Perfect, you’re safe bitch). I watched the challenge a few times, because to be honest nobody really stood out.

The Runway theme was the 11th best lewk you brought to Drag Race….I mean “best drag”. The runway was so lackluster that white Hollywood has nominated it for an Oscar. Jk miss thing….but seriously y’all need to step that pussy up, because there are THOUSANDS of queens dying to get on that show.


Top 4 Lewks

Monique Heart - There is NO WAY Monique deserved to be anywhere near the bottom.

The Vixen - Fan them flames HENNY! YASSSSSSS!

Miz Cracker - Very on brand.

Dusty Ray Bottoms - She took Michelle’s criticism and grew from it, bitch looked FIERCE!


Bottom 4 Lewks

Kalorie - Girl. Your hair looked like one of my Barbies that got burried in my toy chest. NO MAAM!

Eureka - I’ve seen Eureka make Lewks that we’re 10000% better than that jumpsuit.

Kameron - It was just kinda basic, and I really didn’t like the makeup. IMO she lost her win on the runway.

Monét X Change - NO!

The Vixen ends up winning, and honestly she deserved it. If it wasn’t for her, this episode would’ve been a bust. Her and maybe Dusty were the only two queens whose stock rose this week.

The LSFYL ends up being between Eureka and Kalorie. Honestly Ru could’ve sent them both home and brought back Vanjie, but I get gotta give Eureka that comeback storyline. Eureka stays...for now but unless she can flip that shit into a 180, her days are numbered.



Stray Observations

Ru and Michelle’s bit reminded me of when I’m really pissed at my best friend, but she won’t let me stay mad at her.

The guest judges this season are excellent! Halsey and Padma Lakshmi we’re both quick and gave excellent critisim to the queens and had an excellent rapport with Ru and Michelle.

“Don’t be sorry. Be fierce!” May be the best thing Ru has ever said and those are words to live by. Quick someone needlepoint that onto a pillow and sell it on Etsy...mama need!

Miz Cracker respectfully seemed very upset that Aquaria would accuse her of stealing makeup Lewks. Aquaria has officially pissed me off and I’m done with her problematic ass.

It has become obvious that they cast 3-4 filler queens every season. This really is a shame, because you have queens like Mayhem who have auditioned every year and deserve it, and then you have queens like Kalorie who shouldn’t get on after their first attempt.