Pop Art + Improv Show at Dad's Garage: Q&A with Trevor Wayne

Art By Trevor Wayne

Art By Trevor Wayne

On Thursday March 8, actor, model, and Instagram cutie Trevor Wayne will be bringing his own gay twist on pop culture imagery to Dad's Garage Theatre.  This Palm Springs-based artist has appeared on TV favorites like MADtv and ER and posed for celluloid legends like Greg Gorman and Clive Barker.   

Wayne will be on hand Thursday selling original pieces, while a team of Dad's Garage improvisers do scenes based off of the artwork. It should be a great night full of comedy, pop art, and unbridled thirst.

We spoke to Wayne about his artistic inspirations, favorite memes, and finding success as a queer artist.

You’ve worked with a lot of famous faces - from Cliver Barker to Mario Testino. How did you get your start in modeling?

I started modeling when I needed headshots for acting, and the photographer wanted to take nude pics. I said sure why not.. though I have many insecurities about my body. I figured who cares? This is me so? I found the vulnerability in it a little addictive. I just kept doing it, through the good responses and the bad. Everyone is a judge when you post nudes of yourself on the internet. I just always kept in mind that its a product and not who I truly am. My ego never became affected by it, and my sense of self esteem does not come from my looks. I think nude and erotic modeling actually taught me that. Because I really liked it and didn't have expectations of an outcome, I think it drew more photographers to me. I was definitely lucky to have been photographed by some incredible people, and it started a friendship with Clive Barker, whom I find really inspirational.

Your work is a fun mix of styles and pop art influences. Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

As a kid- before internet- I didn't learn much about art in my home town in Indiana. I was inspired by cartoons and comic books.. not knowing what "Pop Art" even was. I just liked to draw the cartoons I admired. Also at that time my first experience of mass marketed art was Lisa Frank. She had bright images of palm trees, sunglasses, and flamingos just floating around on these solid blue backgrounds... and I really loved it! I wanted to have my art on every Trapper Keeper in America!

Have you ever ghosted on a date?

Before or after? Definitely after!! Haha!



What can we expect from your show at Dad’s Garage?

Well, I'll be there with a pop up shop with my art prints, mugs, and lapel pins of my art.. the improv troop is going to act out little scenes based on each piece of my art and how they interpret it. So I have no idea what will happen! I'm really excited to see this show. Having an improv troop act out my art is not something I ever thought Id see! Im very honored to have this happen. I think it will be a very fun night with fun people. I really can't wait to meet everyone who comes!

Favorite TV shows to binge?

LOST! Golden Girls! Currently really into Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Schitts Creek- and of course Archer!!!

Do you eat gluten?

I EXCLUSIVELY eat gluten. So delish!

What advice would you give to young queers trying to break into the art and/or modeling world?

As an artist my only advice is to always remember you are making your art for you. Don't compare yourself to others and don't try to "out do" anyone. Do it because its what you want hanging on your own wall. Your voice in your art is important. However that doesn't mean it will sell instantly or make you rich. Like almost any career it takes at least a decade to break through. You really have to do it because you love it- even if you have to have side jobs to support it thats ok! I would always be doing art no matter what. Even if I never become some art legend. Its about living my best, honest life while Im alive, and making the connections with the people around me that my own personal style of art brings into my life.

As a model I have no advice. I think "model" is the wrong word for me. "Subject" maybe. Its a fun creative outlet but certainly not the career for me.



Current favorite meme? 

It always changes.. but the last one I really laughed at was a picture of a little girl holding bread and a goat. It looks like her and the goat are laughing and the type says "When you and your goat find bread fucken hilarious". It stuck with me. On some deep level we have all been there, right?

What music are you listening to? 

When working on art I usually listen to podcasts.. usually something about living your best life or business related. But if I listen to actual music its usually Talking Heads.

Who should we be following on Instagram?

Not really sure who I think anyone SHOULD follow.. but if you want to follow me I have two accounts.

The @mr.trevorwayne account is more about personal posts, art, and shameless nude selfies, and my @TrevorWayne.Art account is all my artwork and art related posts. Its much more safe for work.


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Join Trevor Wayne and the Atlanta improvisers on Thursday, March 8 from 7-10pm at Dad's Garage Theatre. Presale tickets are available at the Dad's Garage website for only $5.