The Last Blue Ball(s) On Earth - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, Episode 4

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Ooooh GURL! The Drag Race we all know and love is officially back and we're on a (back)roll!

I’m so excited to see a ball this early in season.

The ball is what separates the Serena ChaCha’s of the world from the Drag Race elite. It’s gonna be tough after this week, because HENNY we are #NoFiller from here on out….

This week gave us tons of gag worthy moments, so let’s dive in shall we?

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Mini Challange

The mini challenges have officially recovered from that terrible Hoedown ft. Andy Cohen!

This week, the queens had to photobomb famous celebrity pictures. There were a few standouts but Miz Cracker was my favorite with her epic wig snatch while photobombing Serena Williams at Wimbledon. Miss Aquafina, I mean Aquaria, ends up winning for her poop-scooping bomb of Kimye. The best part of the mini challenge was seeing Shawn Morales... even if he was fully clothed.


Maxi Challenge

Ru presents this weeks maxi challenge is a climate change inspired ball. The queens have to create 3 lewks and in true climate change fashion the Alaskan realness is swim and the Miami lewk is all about fur, with the final lewk being Martian inspired eleganza!


Alaskan Winter Realness

Monet X Change - She traded in that Kitty Kat Wig for an Amazon Shake-N-Go *insert groundbreaking gif here*

Vixen - YASSSSSSS!!! Com’n FAN!

Aquaria - I’m so excited for the Nacho Libre remake!

Dusty Ray Bottoms - More like American Apparently not…


Asia O’Hara - I never met furry balls that I didn't like... until this lewk.


Miami Summer Realness

Biqtch Puddin… I mean Kameron Michaels - It was a cute lewk, but i didn't care for her makeup

Aquaria - The color of those furs was EVERYTHING! It's still Miami y'all and that means bright colors… DUH!

Dusty - HATED IT!!!

Monique Heart - Color was right, mug was right, and the hair was right! YAS!

Asia O’ Hara - The lewk screams LMFAO music video to me... I'M IN MIAMI, BITCH!!

Miz Cracker - Mad Max meets Miami Barbie… HERE FOR ALL OF IT!!!


Martian Eleganza Extravaganza

Monet X Change - GURL! What a waste of very expensive and AMAZING fabric. Asia was right to read her for her treatment of that fabric. Vivacious is somewhere screaming at that bitch for stealing her gig.

Vixen - Somebody put good use to that 40% off your purchase coupon at Michaels.


Dusty Ray Bottoms - I think I was confused by the assignment... That was a fairy godmother -- not a Martian inspired eleganza lewk.

Monique - I’m the biggest sucker for a 2in1 and Monique looked so DAMN RIGHT!

Cracker - Ground control to Miz Cracker, you have clearance to be a front runner, HENNY!

As much as it pains me to say it, Aquaria SLAYED the entire ball, and is the rightful winner of the challenge with Miz Cracker at a very close 2nd. The bottom 2 queens are rightful Dusty and Monet, who just fumbled through the whole ball TBH. I didn't think Asia deserved to be in the bottom, but understand why. She and I both have the same problem -- we put others before ourselves far too often. Lesson learned. I don't see Asia falling back into the bottom anytime soon.



This LSFYL proved that the producers and Ru are really looking for the Queens to SLAY lip syncs this season, and HENNY this one had one of my favorite moments in Drag Race HERSTORY! When Monet did the split fake out... I LOST IT!!! She won right then, but made good on the jump split later in the lip sync to put that final nail in. Dusty does a good job keeping up with the pace of a very hectic Nikki song, but she never stood a chance against Monet. Dusty ends up sashaying and we say goodbye to the last filler queen of the season. From here on out, anyone can win and anyone can get sent home.


My Top 4 ATM

Miz Cracker
Monique Heart
Asia O Hara

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Stray Observations

  • Logan Browning (who looked absolutely STUNNING!!) and Tisha Campbell-Martin continued the trend of being AMAZING guest judges. Both gave excellent critiques while also being HILARIOUS! Please invite them both back next season!!!

  • Rupaul turned a GOD-DAMN LEWK!!!! Seeing Ru in a Leigh Bowery inspired lewk took me right back to the Rupaul of the 80’s and 90’s that I miss so much. I hope we see more of Vintage Ru this season.

  • WHAT IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR BEYONCE DOES MONIQUE GOTTA DO TO GET SOME RECOGNITION?!?! She slayed the ball so hard and still was just safe?! She has been in my top from the jump and still hasn’t received any high scores.

  • The friendship that Asia, Monet, and Monique have is real life friend goals. Those 3 could have their own show, and I would never miss an episode.

  • My girl Lucy Stoole had a cameo in the episode! Vixen talked to Ru in the werk room about her show in Chicago, Black Girl Magic, which is TBH one of the best shows in the country and houses some of the best talent. If you're in Chicago, I HIGHLY recommend it. Otherwise, check her out in ATLANTA on April 28th at My Sister's Room. 

  • The longer episodes are really all I ever wanted from Drag Race. I feel like we are really getting to know these girls this season, from their backstories to the friendships that they're making. It makes watching the show so much more enjoyable.

  • Monét was right about her comment about the English vs. British accent. During the industrial revolution the upper class decided to drop their “R’s” to sound more elitist than the every growing poor population. Fact check me bisshhhhhhh them student loans didn’t pay for nothing… C’MON HISTORY MINOR, LETS GET IN DEBT FOR A DEGREE WELL NEVER USE!