Bossy Rossy - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 5 Recap


Is this kosher?! 

We’re back to spill all the T and breakdown this weeks episode of Drag Race. Aside from the Maxi challenge, this week was very lackluster in a season that's had so many gag-worthy moments.

As the queens enter the werkroom from the runway, Asia confronted the other queens. She feels like she was used and left to look like a fool in front of one of her idols. Cracker calls BULLSHIT and tells Asia a very valuable lesson: ”when something goes wrong, you can only blame…...your friends!”

Asia’s mindset has switched from the Mom of the season, to a fierce competitor.

The Vixen has made it clear that after last weeks fight with Eureka, she wants nothing more to do with her and decides to just ignore her. She’s leaving Eureka on READ... OFFICIALLY!



This weeks mini challenge is to drag up “government issued” military wear. The lewks were pretty weak but shout-out to Kameron Michaels for doing Drill-Sergeant realness and making me feel things I haven’t felt in years. I’m still really confused where and why purple camo is government issued... but okay, Jan. The Vixen ends up winning the mini challenge in a fierce camo lewk with a personality to match.




Ru reveals that this weeks Maxi challenge is to improv your way through the Bossy Rossy Show. The Bossy Rossy show is pure TV trash. Think if Maury had a baby with Jerry Springer who then was not the father but Sally Jessy Raphael was.

The queens are each given a segment in which they have to improv segments based on classic daytime tv talk show storylines. “I Married a Cactus” and “Save Me From My Deadly Fear of... Pickles!” are the clear ICONIC moments of this episode. The Vixen’s plan to pit Eureka vs Aquaria against one another in their own group backfires, and they end of having one of the better segments in “Look At Me I’m a Sexy Baby”.The rest were just kinda…..MEH!


Highlights of Bossy Rossy

  • Monique having a wig under her wig during the wig snatching scene in “I Married A Cactus” was  honestly a big mood for me in 2018.

  • Miz Cracker as the Jewish pickle therapist who is living her truest life as a real life pickle was comedy GOLD! Her improv skills rival the best comedy queens in the business and TBH I need her and Bob to have their own Viceland show. Its kinda homophobic that we don't already have one.

  • Kameron Michaels NAILED the character of the country trash that cant stop huffing tucking panties. I know that girl….I’ve met that girl…..that girl called me a faggot…..GUESS WHAT ASHLEY MAE, IM LIVING MY BEST LIFE NOW!  


Lowlights or TBH what could’ve been a triple elimination



  • Monet X Change never landed a joke, and TBH i'm not sure she even showed up to set.

  • The Vixen broke my #1 rule of improv…. DON'T BREAK!

  • Mayhem knew she had a big character in her scene, but she disappeared completely from her scene and let Cracker steal every single gag.



In honor of Shania Twain being a guest judge, this weeks runway theme is Denim and Diamonds. Nobody really slayed this runway theme. In what has been a season of very exciting lewks, this runway was a huge let down. It was more like Den…….UMMMMM!




Miz Cracker - Though it was just a pink denim jumpsuit that got bedazzled within a second of its life, Cracker sells the lewk with her humour and personality. I have found my new favorite queen!!

The Vixen - I didn't hate it as much as the judges, but i get what they were saying. If she would have been sinched, she would've had one of the top lewks of the season. I’m.

Aquaria - I loved it from the waist up. THAT IS THE UGLIEST EFFING SKIRT I'VE EVER SEEN!


Bottoms (they're all bottoms)

Monet - I love fringe, but GURL!!! Do not step on the runway in an outfit that ill-fitted and not think you're not gonna get read the house down boots.

Mayhem - I've seen Kacey Musgraves do this lewk so much better, and her boots light up!




Somehow Eureka wins and Mayhem and Monet deservingly land in the bottom 2. The Vixen saved herself with that amazing denim lewk! If we didn't get a Shania LSFYL, I was ready to BURN IT ALL DOWN! I will never forget that homophobic moment when we got Emma Bunton but no Spice Girls Lip sync, and now every week I hold my breath. But its all good!

Somehow even Man! I Feel Like a Woman felt like a letdown, with neither queen really slaying it the way we have become accustomed to. Monet does do a better job of showing her personality and has a couple tricks up her sleeve that end up saving her from elimination.


Top 4 ATM

Miz Cracker
Monique Heart
The Vixen


Stray Observations


- Monique FINALLY landed in the top this week. She has become my biggest surprise (and I'm starting to think the producers as well) of the season, and TBH i really just wanna be her friend and go talk shit about people over drinks!

- Miz Cracker won this challenge and runway, and has had two wins stolen from her now. You can not convince me otherwise.

- Miss Vanjie might have been eliminated first, but that bitch is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has she been mentioned in every episode of Drag Race, but hearing Ru still crack up at Michelle saying “ Misssss VAAAAANNNNJJJIIEEEE” is almost a guarantee that she'll be back for Season 11.