20 Questions with ATLANTA's DJ NSA

Photos by Jon Dean

Photos by Jon Dean

It's no secret that we've got a huge crush on Atlanta artist, Cameron Allen.

Maybe you follow him on Instagram [@nsaworldwide], through his project @pretendcouple, or have noticed his recent break into the world of Atlanta nightlife. Either way you should pay attention. 

NSA has been busy -- DJing regularly at Noni's and recently doing a spot for Deep South Presents HONCHO at Music Room. Last year, Allen collaborated with Savannah artist Will Penny on an exhibition at the Telfair Museum. His work playfully highlights the affects of social media and modern technology on social landscapes, so taking over the DJ booth is a natural progression. 

Tonight, you can catch Cam behind the DJ booth with JSPORT [Morph] at SPRUNG! with Miz Cracker from RuPaul's Drag Race. In the meantime, swoon over these pics and get to know DJ NSA a bit better!


1. Describe yourself in three words.
bacon egg and cheese

2. Favorite artist, living or dead?
too many, maybe Arthur Russell

3. Favorite App?

4. Which Golden Girl are you?

5. Who should we be following on IG (besides you)?
Lindsay Lohan for feeling better, Britney Spears for inspiration, @puppycodes for lol

6. Favorite places to hang in Atlanta? 
258 Auburn Ave afterparties, nonis, atlanta contemporary, bed

7. Can you eat gluten?


8. Have you ever ghosted on a date?
just the receiving end 

9. Favorite pop song currently?
charli xcx - 10

10. What eating habit turns you on?
a guy that gets down no shame

11. What you working on?
new music and a record label; Hz Like Hell

12. What do you smell like?

13. Favorite ATLiens?
andre 3000, mlk

14. What qualities are you attracted to in a person?
unapologetic people, realness, chill

15. If you had to choose one career outside of the art world, what would it be?


16. Your Real Housewives tagline...
bigger, better things

17. Has anyone ever told you that you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, that you look like Linda Evangelista and you’re a model?
i wouldn't trust that person

18. What’s your favorite meme right now?
the one with the.

19. What can we expect from your DJ sets?
something else

20. Are you gonna call us back after this?


All photos by Jon Dean