Tap That App: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 3


Oooooooohhhhh GURL! Post Drag Race walking around like…


Thank the Sky Wizard!!! Mercury being full of Haterade and that travesty that was the Meh-sical had me like...


This is easily the best episode this season and one of the best in recent memory. From the mini challenge to the LSFYL, there was so much YAAAAAASSSSS-ING and gag worthy moments to be had!


The episode picks up with round 2 of the Aquaria vs. Vixen drama. See what had happened was, Aquaria was salty that Vixen borrowed Monique’s wig for her 11th best lewk you brought to Drag Race... I mean “best drag” runway. TBH that wasn’t anyone’s best drag so it really doesn’t matter— more T on this drama later mama.

The mini challenge was HILARIOUS! I know I told all y’all that I’m returning the mini challenges for a full refund, but now I’m back to repurchase, HENNY.

There were a lot of great performances in the Mini Challenge, but Monét X Change had me DYING y’all. Her portrayal of a “Northern Ireland” girl was so OTT it was right.

The maxi challenge this week was the biggest let down. The queens had to sell dating apps by making ads for them. In what could’ve easily been one of the most memorable challenges in Drag Race herstory, the queens just kinda went through the motions.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be team End of Days. From Miz Cracker’s demonic voices to Eureka’s slaps, this team really shined. Blair was an excellent team leader and allowed all the queens to excel at their strengths.

Miz Cracker

Miz Cracker

The other two groups were such a mess that it gives Shakesqueer a run for its money (JK miss thang... you’re safe). The only highlight from the other teams was Asia’s amazing performance as  “Madam Buttrface” that stole the whole damn skit.

Back in the werkroom, the girls getting ready for the runway gave us more of the Aquaria vs. Vixen drama, where Vixen clearly sets Aquaria real straight for good on the damn Wig-gate scandal. I told y’all last week that wasn’t the end of their drama, and mama... it still ain’t over just yet and that’s the T.

The werkroom also gives us our first cry sesh of the season. Blair talks about her super religious family and how privileged she is to have them all be supportive and loving of her and her life. Dusty then tells us the story that unfortunately way too many of us know. A story about a family who’s not accepting of her sexual orientation or drag, and instead of accepting her, tries to convert her to being straight. I’m glad to see the producers are doing a good job of letting us get to know more about every queen this season.



Category is: FEATHERS!

This was one of my favorite runways EVER! There were a lot of REALLY great lewks, and then there were some CHOICES that were made.


Top Lewks

Asia O’Hara - I was sold the second she stepped on the runway, and the gloves as the beak? GENIUS!

Kameron Michaels - YASSSSS BITCH WERK

Aquaria - I still hate that bitch, but she looked FIERCE!

Eureka - Full 180 achieved HENNY! Also shout out to my mom Buff Faye who made that lewk!

Monique Heart - What's Monique gotta do to get some love? She slayed 3 runways in my eyes and has nothing to show for it.


Bottom Lewks

Yuhau Hamasaki - Looking like a cheap version of Acid Betty’s Madonna runway.

Mayhem Miller - NO!

Dusty Ray Bottoms - IT'S A HARD NO FROM ME DAWG.


Asia O'Hara

Asia O'Hara

Asia ends up being the winner with Mayhem and Yuhau in the bottom. This may have been the best judged runway and week ever, where I agreed with almost everything the judges said… except I would’ve put Miz Cracker in the Top 3 over Eureka.

Mayhem’s LSFYL performance of Celebrity Skin by Hole will go down as one of the top performances in the herstory of Drag Race. It was a slaughtering and Yuhau never stood a chance! Mayhem clearly has a fire lit under her ass, and sadly Yuhau sashays away.


Stray Observations

The air date for this episode fell on the 24th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Ru, Courtney and Kurt were good friends, so having Courtney there but not Kurt felt bittersweet to me, but may have not phased younger viewers.


Mayhem running across the table to get away from the spider is a big mood, and honestly me running away from my financial and personal obligations in 2018.

Mama Ru clearly had a bad cold, or strep when they filmed this episode. It shows her dedication to the brand to push through, but it wouldn’t be the worst idea to have Michelle step in at least in the werkroom. I’m just trying to make sure Mama Ru don’t die y’all (at least not till Brigitte Bidet gets on).

It’s clear why Untucked is back, cuz that Ishhhhh was straight FIRE! The Vixen wasn’t done with Aquaria and REALLY lets her have it. Vixen is well aware of the “angry black female” stereotype that she is trying to get cast in, but she’s not that type of girl. She’s protecting her talent and rightful spot in this competition. The saddest part of Untucked is rather than learn a valuable lesson from her new sisters, Aquaria just shuts down and rejects a conversation about race that honestly any of us white folks need to listen to from our black family members.