'Vida' on Starz is a Triumph of Queer Latinx Representation


When’s the last time you’ve seen LGBTQ Latinx characters on television? (Okay, besides one of our favorite new shows, One Day at a Time.) Two points if they weren’t a filler side-plot, antagonist, or joke. In this new age of TV, inclusivity and well-rounded storytelling, it’s about time to see queer latinx representation on the small screen. STARZ brings us Vida to scratch that itch.

It all starts with two Mexican-American sisters who are forced to return home to Eastside Los Angeles for the funeral of their mother. Like a lot of our families, they are seemingly opposite and distant. The plot takes off as hidden family truths are uncovered, and thus begins the true drama. Their childhood neighborhood houses old and new love interests, family ties and secrets.

Starring Mishel Prada and Melissa Barrera, this colorful show dives into sexual and gender identity, Latinx community and family. Queerness is not shied away from or politely coded. Rather, it explores openly some of the messy, sometimes funny and complicated events that shape the lives of several of these LGBTQ+ characters.

Showrunner Tanya Saracho, best known for her credits on shows like Girls, Looking, and Devious Maids, has assembled an all Latinx writing room. Ser Anzoategui, a non-binary Latinx actor, plays one of the most prominent characters of the series. This is the type of bold representation we can get behind.

Don’t miss out on what I’m sure will be a long and titillating journey.

Vida premieres on Sunday, May 6th.