American Horror Story: Cher Edition or RuPaul's Drag Race S10E08

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After last week's episode I was ready to Xchange, but after this week... OH HONEY, I want a full refund.

This season is stuck in a rut, and I don't think were getting out of it y'all. I seriously feel like Coco Montrese during her verse of Can I Get An Amen?

Yes that's right, I lost all damn hope today.

Mini Challenge

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I am a firm believer that we have been transported to an alternate universe, but in this universe the mini challenges are actually the highlight of the episode and the maxi challenges are the Serena Cha Chas of the world. I don't know how we got here, but y'all… I JUST WANNA GO HOME!

“Slap Out Of It” may be the lowest budget mini challenge ever on Drag Race, but it was also one of the best. Ru essentially fake slaps the shit out of the queens, but it's up to them to sell the slap with a witty one liner!



Kameron Michaels - “They call you mother, but at your age, shouldn't they call you grandmoth….” Kameron finally is waking up and I'm happy to see it, because I love the dichotomy of her drag style.

Monet X Change - “You wear it...welllllllllll…..?”

Asia O'Hara - “You hit like a girl -- too bad you don’t look like one” This propels Ru to ACTUALLY HIT ASIA, and give us what will probably go down as the most iconic moment of the season…. “ THIS WHOLE BUILDING IS ABOUT TO BE MINE…. IT'S ABOUT TO BE ASIA O'HARA’S DRAG RACE!!!”

Asia obviously wins the Mini Challenge and is if only momentarily redeemed from that tragic mess that was Snatch Game.



Maxi Challenge

For this weeks Maxi Challenge the queens must sing live for Cher! The Unauthorized Rusical…..or as I like to call it Cher! The Underwhelming Meh-sical. This was the worst musical in 10 seasons of Drag Race. 


The Tops


Kameron Michaels - Anyone who opens the damn thing, already has one point for me and to then go out and SELL IT! YASSSSS!

Monet X Change - She was the best Cher. If it weren't for that lazy ass runway she would have won.


The Bottoms

The Vixen - Girl, there was zero Cher in that performance.

Asia O'Hara - I dunno what has gotten into Asia the last two weeks, but with Monique gone, I'm gonna need my other favorite to step her pussy up... ASAP!

Eureka - SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE FUCKING RANGE! Ru...if yall dont stop feeding us Trump worthy lies and bullshit. It's not factual, its not the T and it's not what America needs right now.



The runway theme is glitterific, and honestly it's one of the best runways of the season, with me only really having one bottom, and the rest were really damn good.




Miz Cracker - MICHELLE VISAGE, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT A GODDAMN LASH! That look was giving me Bond villain meets Mcqueen. It's one of the best runways of the season, and honestly I can't wait to see what she pulls out next. I'm a Stan.

Kameron Michaels - Kameron is firmly in my top 3 now, and i hope this momentum continues, because she is impressing the hell out of me right now.

Aquaria - As much as it pains me to say, that bitch turns it every damn time.


Monet X Change - GIRL, NO! That was your damn win and you handed it over with that sloppy ass bodysuit. The neck up was a 10, but the neck down was a -50.

Kameron ends up winning thanks to Monet’s tragic runway. The Vixen and Asia find themselves in the bottom 2 and must LSFYL.

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Asia won the lip sync in the first 10 seconds, and Vixen never stood a chance. The two maybe newly found sisters, but Asia made it clear during the lip sync that she did not come to play games with these hoes. The Vixen ends up sashaying away, and honestly this season won't be the same without her. Not that she's the one that “starts drama” or is “ so confrontational”, but rather shes calls it the way it is, and i found myself agreeing with here 90% of the time.


Stray Observations

- Asia and The Vixen's conversation was the tear jerker of the season for me. It was an important conversation that the gays needed to see to understand where The Vixen is coming from. Asia has sealed her place in my heart, and has that motherly essence that Ru has. TBH I hope she wins even though she had a rough week -- she still did it with so much poise and grace.

- The workroom doesn't feel the same without Monique. I really miss her and hope that she comes back for All Stars.

- I was super stoked to see Billy Eichner on the show as he is one of my favorite people in the world, but he was so lackluster y'all. He had one good joke, and the rest of the time he was just…..there. Abbi and Ilana are the guest judges next week and I am praying to Gaga that they redeem the guest judges this season.