Drag Race Ru-Cap:: Making Over the Problematic Social Media Favs

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The longest season ever of Drag Race continued this week with their 10th episode. Are we sure that’s right? I feel like there have been at least twenty….and in that time I had two birthdays, a root canal, and a colostomy.

Let’s spill some T and talk some shit about this week’s episode, because this was a really good episode (for this season).

After the non-elimination, Aquaria is upset that it's still top six. She voices this opinion to which all the other queens seemingly attack her for being so selfish. I had a problem with this, because at the end of the day, it is a competition with a $100,000 on the line. My ass would want to see the girls sashay away one at a time.

TBH Eureka should’ve gone home last week and seeing as she’s a strong competitor, I don’t blame the girls for feeling like she should’ve been eliminated. Instead, the girls think Kameron should’ve gone home, but HENNY, I ain't buying that shit.


Mini Challenge

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The mini challenge this week is for the queens to get in their best Masc4Masc drag, and star in a photo for RuPaul’s new cologne….TRADE. This mini challenge restored the streak of good mini challenges that this season has gifted us. The queen’s personalities get to shine which is where the mini challenges always succeed.



Kameron - OMG IS THAT A DAMN GRAPEFRUIT IN YOUR…...oh I’m sorry….what was the question?

Eureka - Eureka playing BJ, the creepy trucker bear that won’t leave me alone on Growlr until I block his ass was eerily accurate.



Aquaria - Gurl. We know you don’t have an ounce of toxic masculinity running through you, but thanks for the conformation.

Monet - Monet and I are very similar in that when we try to act “Masc”, our sissy always finds a way to come out in the end. She might not have done well on this challenge, but I see you Monet!


Maxi Challenge

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The maxi challenge this week is to take social media “influencers” and drag them up into your family haus. True to Drag Race herstory, the queens also have to star in a musical number with their new sisters, in a YouTube worthy video.

I dunno about y’all, but this is the episode I usually zone out for. Historically only one or two queens do a semi decent job of making over their person, and the rest prove that it’s easier to paint yourself than others. This season though, the queens did really well and nobody came out looking like an over highlighted girl Gremlin.



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Miz Cracker - MY BABY FINALLY WON!!!!! I was so proud to see my girl pull herself out of that slump she got herself into. Their presentation, make-up, hair, and costumes were clearly the best. Bonus points to Cracker also having the biggest transformation in the makeover. For real, Miz Cookie might have stolen the whole damn episode.

Eureka - As much as it pains me to say, because I also loathe Frankie Grande….the bitches turned it. The presentation was very much in line with the Eureka brand, and they sold it with their storytelling and celebrating their over the top personalities.



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Aquaria - I’m sorry y’all...but Aquaria should’ve been in the bottom two and Kameron should’ve sent her ass packing. The looks were a miss and Kinglsey was so shy and timid, this challenge is about not just making over the outside, but trying to help makeover the inside too. Aquaria failed on both parts.

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Kameron - The family resemblance was more like 2nd cousins that showed up to the same party wearing similar outfits. Kelly’s outfit  was very basic and haphazardly made, I could see undergarments….it wasn’t the T.

Monet - While Monet and Shor’ were one of the better pairings personalities wise, this challenge showed where Monet struggles the most and that’s in design. The outfits were all right, but I agree with the judges that they were basic, and the reveals were mediocre.



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Ru puts Kameron and Monet up for elimination, and spares Aquaria, perhaps only on her track record this season. Two lip sync assassins must duel it out to Lizzo’s “Feeling Good”, which has been a banger of mine for a good year now, but I’m happy to see Lizzo get more exposure.

Monet and Kameron don’t hold anything back and throw it all on the line for in my eyes what was the best LSFYL of the season (but we used our double shantay on Eureka -__-). Kameron ends up staying with Monet sashaying away. If I have to pick between the two, I would agree that Kameron slayed a little harder than Monet.