The Ultimate Trans Girl’s Guide to Camming like a Pro - PART ONE

PHOTO: Lily LeTigre (IG: @lily.letigre)

PHOTO: Lily LeTigre (IG: @lily.letigre)

The following guide was submitted by someone who chooses to remain anonymous.

It’s a turbulent time to be a sex worker. With the recent passing of the Sesta/Fosta bill, and the threat of FBI stings hanging ever over our heads, more and more trans sex workers are taking their art to the digital world.

Or maybe you’ve never escorted for a day in your life.

Maybe you're just sick of working for an endless series of transphobic assholes. Maybe it's that you cannot afford to save for your surgery on your current income. Or maybe you just want a new lifestyle that awards you the ability to work for yourself, when YOU feel like working.

Whatever the case--if you're here, it is probably because you are considering starting your career or part time job as a cam model. And we can help with that!

Before anything else, I want to invite you to practice self care above all things. This is of the upmost importance! Know your limitations and remember--





...A hot bath is always waiting <3


1) Make sure the lifestyle is for you before investing!

Not everyone has the spoons to be performing for a sea of problematic chasers on a daily or weekly basis. Before investing in a new streaming computer and fancy cameras and lighting, make sure you like it!

Make an account on Chatturbate or any old website that allows you to broadcast yourself in a slutty manner just to give it a test drive. Use whatever cheap equipment you can get your hands on. Don’t worry about making money just yet!

If you're having fun and enjoying the experience, maybe it’s the right lifestyle for you.


2) Investing in the proper equipment.

Being a successful cam model is about more than being talented as a sex worker. Having the right equipment in this industry is an absolute must if you have a desire to be successful and stand out from the competition.


a) Internet connection.

Research your area and ensure that you are paying for the fastest connection speed available in your area.


b) Computer

You want to invest in the absolutely nicest computer you possibly can, but for those who are starting on a budget, I would recommend visiting and browsing their refurbished models. Buy no less than an i7 quad core with 8 or 16 gigs of ram.


c) Camera

This is simple--buy the one below and move on.

The Logitech c920 is the industry standard. Anything less is a waste of your time. Alongside our other hardware recommendations, this camera is fully capable of streaming in 1080p HD.


d) Lighting

Many girls will try to steer you toward fancy stage lights. This is perfectly ok as a long term investment choice, but for many, they are absolutely unnecessary. I use a combination of Christmas lights, an overhead room light with an led bulb whose light was filtered by a pink shirt, a desk lamp, and a very large monitor that sent white light directly at me to come up with the combination that I felt the most passable and pretty in.


3) Familiarize yourself with the websites

I have worked on literally every website that allows trans women to enlist. Many do not. Transphobia is a bitch. That said, there are only two that I recommend.


a) Streammate

On this site, all of your shows are private or exclusive. You are NEVER naked without pay. Private shows are very expensive for clients and very labor intensive for performers. As with all camming sites, Streammate takes the lion’s share of your earnings. But there are well more than enough coins left behind to live comfortably after what they take.

I personally charge $3.99 a minute (yes, a minute), per person perform for a room of johns.

It goes something like this--I am in my lobby, flirting with a handful of johns. One John decides he likes me and takes me into a private show where he is paying 3.99 per minute of viewing. I begin to strip and interact with him in a sexual manner. Another john then joins and begins watching. He is now also paying $3.99. Another joins. The first leaves. The second leaves. Two more join for another few minutes. Everyone ultimately leaves and I return to my lobby to flirt and reel another john in to repeat the process.

For exclusive shows on SM, I charge 7.99 a minute to chat. These shows are entirely one on one.

In both private and exclusive settings, the johns will be very demanding. The difference is that in a private show, the johns know that you are juggling multiple requests and are often more patient. In an exclusive show, they expect their demands to be met, and in a hurry, as they are paying a premium rate for your time. I do my best to make an impression in every show, but I am particularly attentive to detail in my exclusive shows.

Again--on this site, your clients will demand a great deal of specificity, ie "I want you bent over with a toy in your butt." "I want you riding your toy and masturbating." "I want you to top me." Etc.

I’ll get into the specifics of how to handle requests such as these in the performance section of this guide.


b) Chaturbate

The second site that I recommend is free for any given user who chooses to log on. Payment is not guaranteed, and a client base must be established before you are to be successful; however, the power rests overwhelmingly in your hands as a performer to bend the flow and shape of your show.

On CB, you are performing for somewhere in the ballpark of 50-500 people at a time depending on the quality of your show and have complete autonomy over what you are doing with your time. The viewers get to choose whether or not to tip. You coax tips by creating goals that cost a certain number of coins for your viewers.

Lots of people will steadily drop 1-10 dollars over your head in the form of tokens, and eventually big tippers show up if you hang around for a few hours. This sort will shower you in coins in exchange for your attention. I charge around 20 dollars (in tokens) to remove pieces of clothing one by one, $100 to play with a toy for 10 minutes, and ultimately offer a show that results in my orgasm for 100-200 dollars.

CB is infinitely more user friendly than streammate in terms of the demands that are being put on you by johns. You have complete autonomy and spend significantly less time with a dildo in your ass or pretending to finger yourself and much more time being flirty and coaxing tips. Many will find the freedom associated with this site greatly rewarding.

That said, many will find the built in applications such as "tip king" and "tip goals" to be complicated and frustrating. First time users of CB are highly encouraged to look up a guide for these specific nuances as they are critical to effectively working an audience.

Note that the money-making potential of sites like Streammate that offer private shows only is often much higher depending on your particular style. That said, I would suggest that new girls start on a site like Chatturbate. Streammate’s private and exclusive only model can be extremely demanding and requires that you stay in perpetual motion. The constant demands can be overwhelming for first timers.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Ultimate Trans Girl’s Guide to Camming like a Pro where we discuss PERFORMANCE and CAMERA TRICKS & TIPS!