RuPaul's Drag Race: Breaking Down the Top 4 of Season 10

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On Thursday, the longest season in the herstory of RuPaul's Drag Race finally reached the penultimate (I don't count reunions) episode. Once upon a Chi Chi DeVayne, the top four episode used to mean something. Now it has turned into a final episode for us to REALLY get to know the queen's, see them fumble through basic choreography, and shamelessly plug whoever paid that $100,000 cash prize (HAAAAYYYYYY Squatty Potty). 

 Next week is the reunion episode, which just like last season was filmed after the finale for whatever reason. If you’re just now learning this, that’s why Shea Coulee’s saltiness and IDGAF attitude was so strong. Speaking of robbing queens of color, the finale this season is another Lip Sync for the crown.

Hopefully, this will put Asia and Aquaria battling it out, but I have a feeling we're gonna get another Shea v. Sasha moment. I hope I’m wrong, but these twists keep getting gaggier and gaggier. 

Rather than use this Rucap to recap the boring ass episode, let's breakdown the Final 4 and how they fared on this episode.



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I don't know about ya’ll, but I am now a full on Aquaria fan. When the season first started, I really couldn't stand her or her personality. Slowly but surely, Aquaria let us in and showed that at her core she really is just a goofy kid with an impeccable eye for fashion, hair, and makeup. Aquaria has a perfect track record, murdered the runway EVERY DAMN TIME, shockingly slayed the Snatch Game as Melania Trump and is the only queen in the Top 4 to never LSFYL. This episode was no different, she slayed her song, did the best job with the choreography, and looked STUNNING AF on the runway…..BITCH THAT HAIR AND MAKEUP IM STILL GAGGING!!!!

America’s Next Drag Superstar is supposed to represent the future of drag. If that still rings true,  this crown is already firmly on Aquaria’s head.


Asia O’Hara

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Asia had a roller coaster of a journey this season, but going into the home stretch she has been FLAWLESS... snatching wins and constantly being in the top. Asia had one of my favorite performances of the season in Madam ButterFace and then later in the episode SLAYED a Tweety Bird inspired lewk. Asia had some lows though: her Beyonce during Snatch Game was a choice, and don't even get me started on that Cher performance.

Through it all, her heart shined through and that's what we fell in love with. Her infectious can do attitude is not only refreshing, it is very inspiring to me and i'm sure anyone else who is grieving. Not surprisingly, Asia also slayed this latest episode with tight choreo and from a fashion perspective, had the only other gagworthy runway.

I'm firmly team Asia and Aquaria. If Ru wants to honor a young legend in the making, Asia deserves this crown and will carry on the brand with grace and dignity.



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Okay. So I will firmly stand by this statement to my grave... Eureka should've have been sent home by Kameron. That aside, Eureka has done a very good job all season long and for Ru, that's enough to warrant her often being in the top and the bottom only twice. Eureka has had some great runway lewks and then some that were just a miss for me, like her finale lewk. Eureka’s biggest problem is that she is to selfish and too self centered to really listen to criticism and grow from it.

Out of the four queens left, Eureka least represents the brand, and what America’s Next Drag Superstar should stand for. She fumbled through the episode and TBH if they wanted to eliminate someone this episode, it would've been her.


Kameron Michaels

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I am a full on Kameron fan, officially!

This episode sealed her legacy and let viewers get a better glimpse at who she is. I should be really salty with Kameron because she is sitting in Cracker’s spot, but after this episode finished, all that saltiness disappeared. Kameron has been super under the radar all season -- only winning the Cher episode, but she has slayed that runway every single time. She somehow made having to LSFYL a strength and kept us gagging tho every time she's had to actually perform. Her lyrics for American were the most impactful, and she made me cry like a goddamn baby when she was talking to little baby Dane.



Final Conclusion

Asia or Aquaria for the win. Or anyone but Eureka!