Big Dipper's 'Lookin' Video is a Love Letter to Big Fat Boys

Lookin Hi Res Still 10_preview.png

Every now and then an artist hits the scene that just makes you jiggle with excitement.

I first heard of Big Dipper when his summer 2017 anthem, "LaCroix Boi", came across my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist last year. Known for his clever lyrics and signature beats, Big Dipper has been making waves in the queer music scene since his 2011 hit "Drip Drop". His new single, "LOOKIN", produced by So Drove, just dropped, with a music video that solidifies him as a thiccening force to be reckoned with.


The LOOKIN' video, directed by long-time Big Dipper collaborator Tobin Del Cuore, features a variety of fat bodies across the LGBTQ+ petting zoo spectrum -- cubs, chubs, otters, polar bears, and whatever else but fuckthoselabels -- dancing and cutting loose in tights jorts at a car wash.

"I got you Lookin, I got you Shooken, I'll give you something to see," BD exclaims, rubbing his hairy curves and flirting with the camera. As a fat queer myself, it's so refreshing to see someone who LOOKS LIKE ME celebrating his body and looking damn good. 

Big Dipper’s forthcoming full length album Late Bloomer is due out later this summer, so stay tuned y'all!

For more Big Dipper, listen to his podcast "unBEARable with Big Dipper and Meatball" and be sure and check out WUSSY Volume 4 for more exclusives with Big Dipper and photographer Rakeem Cunningham.