Nominate Your Problematic Favs for WUSSY PROM Court 2018


WUSSY Prom 2018 is coming soon, y'all! 

The theme this year is Petty in Pink, hosted by the illustrious and iconic, original club kid herself: freakaleakin Amanda Lepore! Club kid formal wear is encouraged, and remember to THINK PINK!

Last year, Atlanta's live-singing drag sensation, Qween Farrazz, took home the grand prize -- following in the footsteps of previous winners, Hydrangea Heath (2016) and Cayenne Rouge (2015). 

We've changed up the categories a bit this year, but keep in mind PROM OVERLORD is the grand prize!

Which of your problematic favorite queermates deserve to be on Prom Court this year? Who has made a positively petty impact on the Atlanta community this year? You can nominate yourself, but you can only submit your ballots ONCE.

You have until September 1st to nominate your queer peers via the form below or this link right here. Once your nominations are tallied and announced, you will be able to vote on the winners in person at WUSSY Prom. 

Nominate away!