WUSSY Prom Nominations are In!

PHOTO: Giovanni Peschi

PHOTO: Giovanni Peschi

The WUSSY Prom Court nominations are in!

If you want to vote, you've got to grab your tickets for WUSSY Prom: Petty in Pink starring original club kid Amanda Lepore.

Join us on Saturday, September 8 at The Heretic to cast your votes for the following categories: 

Prom Overlord
Molly Rimswell
Taylor Alxndr
Evah Destruction
Dotte Com
Liliana Bakhtiari

Prom (Drag) Queen
D’Knighten Dae
Dotte Com
Cola Fizz
JayBella Banks
Paege Turner

Prom (Drag) King
Melissa Coffey
Mystery Meat
Hayden Fury
LJ Fury

Fiercest Fashionista
XT Venus
Kenneth Figueroa
Video Tronic
Michael Robinson

Most Artistic
TK Haile (Summer Solstice
Shanisia Person
Savana Ogburn
Barry Lee
LaRue Calliet

Best DJ/Musician
Taylor Alxndr
Jay Americana
DJ Esme
King Atlas

Class Clown
Mo’Dest Volgare
Kyle Floyd
Powell Mansfield

Class Cvnt
Alex Suarez
Judas Kane
Celeste Holmes
Darionce Jackson
D’Knighten Dae

Grab your tickets now:
Meet & Greet + WUSSY Issue 4 https://goo.gl/QwpysT
Meet & Greet https://goo.gl/L9ZUo2
General Pre-sale https://goo.gl/Wp6KmA

And while you're here, get a hot load of our WUSSY Prom 2018: Not Josie Grossie Anymore Playlist below!