Body Feminizing Workouts for Trans Women and Femmes (Part 2)


Hello again, lovely ladies and femmes!

It's been a while since I last had the opportunity to write on this topic, and my approach to utilizing exercise as a catalyst for body feminization has since dramatically changed!

As such, we have completely reconfigured our guide with updated advice that focuses specifically on muscle growth as a method of supplementing our transition with the goal of making our lower bodies larger in order to augment our upper body to lower body ratio.

So hop on your feet and get pumped! It's time to grow those hips and turn that cute little butt of yours into a drool-worthy peach. Today is the day when you finally take your transition into your own hands and take your first steps toward actualizing that sickening body you've been dreaming of!

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Be sure to check out the “before getting started” section of our previous guide. Much of the same information still applies. You can find the original guide HERE.

Before anything else, there are a few things you should consider:

Seeing optimal results will mean spending as much time studying outside the gym as lifting inside the gym. Researching proper technique and practicing the motions of your exercises on your off days are both essential when it comes to perfecting your form.

And when it comes to glute growth, form is everything.

Point blank, the glute muscles are the hardest set of muscles to train and see results. If you are not properly activating and “recruiting your glutes,” you might as well not be working out if your sole goal lies in assthetics.

This is because, while the glute has potential to be the defacto strongest muscle in your body, a sedentary lifestyle will atrophy it to the point where it goes dormant, and you will naturally begin relying much more heavily on your thighs, stabilizer muscles, and lower back to perform daily tasks instead of your peach.


The same goes for your exercise routine. Without proper glute recruitment, many of the motions used to train the glutes can easily be taken over by your thighs and stabilizer muscles. This means that without specific training and focus, any given glute exercise will not actually target your glutes.

Got it? FOCUS. ON. FORM.

I spent the first two years of my training doing every exercise in the book, but in retrospect, I can now see that I was doing them completely wrong.

While I did see results, they were not nearly what they should have been, and I was seeing much more growth and progress in my thighs than in my peach. So even as my booty grew, my thighs grew much more, leading to what was ultimately a proportion that was not ideal.

We call this being “quad dominant.” This is a state you want to avoid at all costs.

Of course, you are probably quad dominant already, even if you have yet to include exercise as a supplement to your transition.

As such, the first few weeks of your body feminization via exercise game plan should be about nothing but getting away from being quad dominant and “waking up” your glutes so that you can establish them as the muscle that pulls the weight for your lower body.

-Warming things up-

A good workout starts a few hours before you engage in your first exercise.

Always begin your workout with a good meal full of carbs and protein. Allow your food to settle for around 45 minutes and then find something you can do to keep you on your feet and lightly active for the next 45 minutes, such as washing dishes, baking, meal prep, or whatever it might be.


Laying around for hours before your workout will lead to poor circulation and you may feel highly lethargic and experience sensations of "I don't wanna fuckin' do this."

At around the 90 minute mark, you should begin to stretch your body and further stimulate blood flow with increased movement.

Stair climbing is ideal for a glute warm up as each of your steps will target the glute and ensure you get plenty of blood flowing into the area. Take them two at a time, slowly, sticking your butt out behind you while remaining in a "semi-crouched" posture to make sure that with each step up, you can feel your glute muscle activate to propel yourself upwards. I recommend going up and down the stairs 10 to 20 times until you begin to feel a nice warmth in your legs and feel energized for your workout.

For those who do not have access to a flight of stairs, light biking is fine as an alternative.

Please note that before a workout, yoga-style press and hold stretching has been shown to hinder your results. Save that for after your workout.


Always activate your glutes after your movement based warm up! To do this, we will run through an exercise or series of exercises with little to no weight that are intended to stimulate the glute muscle and prepare it for the heavier lifting to come.

Your first few weeks should be ONLY about activating your glutes. Take a day or two to just practice these motions. Try to establish a "mind/muscle connection" as you flow through these exercises and feel the way you can subtly shift and tweak movements to utilize different muscles. The goal is in perfecting the motions such that you are using your glute to bear the brunt of the exercise.

Remember! If its worth doing at all, its worth doing it right! This is never more true than when training your glutes. I wish someone had shaken me two years ago and made me look into proper form before I set out. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort!

Frog Pump Glute Activation

Do 3 sets of 15 to 30 with 30 seconds between sets, focusing heavily on form. Watch the below video to get a better understanding of how to do these.

You might try these methods of activating as well, though the frog pumps personally do it for me:

-The Exercises-

1)  Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are allegedly the best exercise for your glutes, though these can easily be 100% useless if you are not practicing proper form. They are the hardest exercise to perfect, but aiming to include them early is a good idea. Remember to put your weight on your heels, and propel your body upwards through your heels.

Begin your first set with no weight to ensure your form is on point.

When you have mastered the technique behind this exercise, follow your first set with 3 sets of 10-15 reps, holding a weight in your lap (such as one of the ankle weights we recommend purchasing below). Otherwise do the following sets without added weight. Take 30 second breaks between each set.

I like to round out this exercise by doing an additional set with no weight at the end, immediately following my third weighted set and doing as many as I possibly can before burning out.

2) Reverse leg lifts/ Cable Glute Kickback

This exercise can be done with the proper resistance bands at home or at a gym with the proper machine.

For this exercise, do 4 sets of 15. Choose an amount of weight that makes getting that tenth or fifteenth rep a challenge.

Immediately alternate between each of your legs when finishing your sets, taking no breaks between swaps.

Skip to 4:57 in this video to see it done at a gym:

Skip TO 8:28 in this video to see it done at home:

The aforementioned resistance band set can be purchased here.

3) Donkey Kicks

These are great as it is very easy to specifically target your glutes even as a beginner. This is one of the only exercises I was doing correctly for my first two years of working out intensely.

Do your first set with no weight, lifting each leg very slowly to find the proper activation technique. Do not aim to include weights until you have mastered proper technique.

Your next 3 sets should be done with or without ankle weights attached depending on your skill level, doing as much weight as you can while still getting 10 to 15 reps with perfect form. If the weight causes you to slip up on your form or more heavily utilize muscles other than the glute, reduce your weight.

As with the cable kick backs, do a set with one leg and immediately follow that set by doing a set with your other leg, alternating between your legs with no breaks.  

Skip to 0:17 in this video to see it performed:

I recommend purchasing these ankle weights as they can start with very little weight and scale up to 10 pounds.

4) Fire Hydrants

I flow from donkey kicks immediately into fire hydrants as this is also an exercise that you will move immediately between your left and right leg without breaking between sets. You can cheat in a little cardio by grinding through your cable kick backs, donkey kicks, and fire hydrants in this way.

Aim to do 4 sets of 15 with no weight, emphasizing perfect form and alternating between legs with no break between sets. As always, when you have mastered the form, feel free to use your ankle weights, attaching them around the thighs.

This exercise can be seen in action here:

5) Side leg lift/ Lying Side Abduction

I like to follow up my fire hydrants with these as fire hydrants are a good warm up for this exercise.

Do your first set with no weight, practicing perfect form.

Follow this with 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps with ankle weights attached. As always, choose a weight that makes completing your 10th or 15th rep a challenge.

Skip to 1:56 in this video to see it performed. Note that this can also be done on the floor on a yoga mat.

6) Hip Abductors

This is another great exercise for beginners as it is really hard to screw it up. Just make sure your posture is similar to the girl in the video. You can also do the inverted abductor as she does in the video if you so desire.

Skip to 1:07 to see it performed in a gym:

To perform this at home, attach a resistance band just behind the knees and follow the same movements that the girl utilizes at the gym.

The proper resistance bands needed for this exercise at home can be found here and can also be utilized in many other glute exercises not covered in this guide.

Author's Note:

The exercises in this guide were all cherry picked from a litany of potential hip and butt exercises for a few reasons:

1) They are great beginner exercises that will easily activate the glute and allow you to progress to a point where other, more difficult exercises like squats can come into play.

2) They do not utilize the upper body as a stabilizing force, and therefore, you will not inadvertently be building up your upper body.

One of the great drawbacks of some of the best glute exercises out there is that they incidentally cause significant growth in the arms, shoulders, and pectoral muscles because of the motions that we must go through when performing these exercises.

For this guide, I tried to pick the exercises that I thought were the most beginner friendly while still being trans friendly without sacrificing progress.

3) They can be done at home, where you can feel free to throw on yoga pants and kick away without the obnoxious tuck and constant fear of being clocked in the locker room by some right wing soccer mom <3

Take care ladies! As always, please comment with any questions to any who are in need of support. I’ll try to comment back as soon as I can! <3


No Trains Left Behind.