WUSSYMIX // Queer Music Playlist - January '19

wussymix jan.jpg

Welcome back from heterosexual family time, aka Christmas. It’s time to cleanse ourselves with some good tunes.

How was everybody’s holiday period? Hopefully it was nice and queer, but because a lot probably weren’t given it’s the time we go back to Heteroville, WUSSY is here to help kickstart a queer af January with a newly improved playlist.

It occurred to me that it’s been three years since David Bowie died. Therein, it also took everything in my power to not create an exclusively David Bowie playlist. Luckily, we’ve got it covered. My first Pride, I did the whole Ziggy Stardust thing. Why? Because he was integral to my individuality.

Likely, too, the individuality of those who loved him. Bowie said the immortal words, “I’m gay” before anyone else had. And even though he rebuked it, he was a patron saint for so many of us lonely little queers in petunia patches. I miss him verily; a word that shouldn’t be confined to hymns.


So obviously he’s on there, as well as Lou Reed who did his own bit for our culture. Probably more important (to me) than anything, though, is the fact that Sleater-Kinney announced a forthcoming album. Not only that, but St. Vincent is producing it. Hello, queer icons.

It’s like all of my non-denominational prayers to nobody have been answered. And my I-guess-I-have-to-go-back-to-the-gym body is, as they say, ready.

Another thing I LOVED over the holidays was the Courtney Act show Christmas special. As always, Courtney used the platform to teach gender and sexuality acceptance. She also literally brought back a long-dead form of the British Christmas: variety. Sleigh! Sure it’s online somewhere.

Until next time, across the pond fam.

ALSO: If you’re digging any queer tracks at the moment, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter. I’m at @fenderqueer. (Which a terf once thought was a gender).

Em Burfitt is a queer music journalist whose transient heart is always in Paris. She's a regular contributor to The Line of Best Fit, NarC. Magazine + Get in her Ears. http://emburfitt.com