Brigitte Bidet is Atlanta's classically trained Lord and Savior

Brigitte Bidet (PHOTO:  Jon Dean )

Brigitte Bidet (PHOTO: Jon Dean)

Brigitte Bidet is first and foremost a classically trained dancer.

When not traveling the world with CORE Dance Company, Brigitte is doing kicks, splits and hosting shows in her natural habitat: Atlanta, Georgia. As one of the founding members of Legendary Children ATL and East Atlanta’s Village Queens, Brigitte helped usher in a resurgence of alterna-drag with her family, Violet Chachki and Dax ExclamationPoint.

With unmatched whit and skills on the microphone, Brigitte created her own show, Tossed Salad. After moving the popular Sunday destination from Noni’s to Burkhart’s Pub to My Sister’s Room, Brigitte decided to put the show on hiatus. She do stay booked and busy.

Brigitte recently made her silver screen debut as Dolly #5 in the Netflix original film, Dumplin’, and has hosted several previous WUSSY Talks with Drag Race favorites like Katya, Violet Chachki, and Tammie Brown.


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